Friday, February 01, 2008

Benefits of Global Warming

Don’t cry, just because global warming will most likely eliminate our species that doesn’t mean you have to only look at the negative side.

For instance, clothing can be a lot lighter and less bulky to pack on vacations

We’ll be able to grow Bananas in Canada

Iceland will become the capitol of water parks for the world
The Allutean chain off Alaska will be the next Caribbean.
You won’t have to worry about hard butter cubes at the restaurants

Arizona will become the national crematorium; bodies are simply left outside for an hour

Yes, we might as well have a good time on the way out of this world…


Unknown said...

Is it getting hotter? We can't tell in Florida. We had no winter last year, no winter the year before, no winter a decade ago, and no winter 100 years ago.

The clothing gag was great!

Kurt said...

You've obviously never been to Japan. Global warming is EVERYTHING.

Ed said...

kan - Didn't you guys have a freeze that cost me more in Orange Juice awhile back????

kurt - Hah! Touche. Actually, I HAVE been to I know what I speak of (not that it makes any sense)

Memarie Lane said...

Softer butter would be totally worth it.

I don't get the Japan thing.

Ed said...

marie - Good soft butter is a strong motivator. The Japan comment is a retort from a comment I left on Kurt's post. He's basically jabbing back at me for accusing him of not being globally sensative in that Japan operates strongly on a "save face" culture and that is everything to them. I've decided to move to Japan just to jab him some more...

Anonymous said...

And global warming will encourage more HUGE people to wear even SMALLER clothes and force me to carry a barf bag wherever I go.

Save the environment from the horrors of global warming!

Ed said...

kelley - True, true. I have special glasses for that. They're like those fun mirrors at carnivals except they cause people to look really skinny.

Chelle Blögger said...

Finally someone who sees it the way I do!

I can't wait until Idaho resembles Tahiti. Beach party at my house!


Camille Alexa said...

Apocalypse Party?

Ed said...

offended - Awesome...and just up North of you will be excellent wine country by then!

camille - Sure...gotta start early or you won't get a seat

Nessa said...

Maybe we will finally have world peace. The warmer climates seem to produce such love.

Ed said...

nessa - Well, at world peas would grow if not...

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