Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bucket List

I saw the Bucket List the other night. The girlfriend and I were in the mood for something light that had no chance of winning an Oscar and that movie fit just fine. We both enjoyed it for what it was; although I don’t know why I picked a light comedy because it hurts to laugh with broken ribs.

Have no idea what movie that is? It’s the one with Jack Nicholson (perhaps you’ve heard of him) and Morgan Freeman (him too) playing terminal cancer patients. Now that sounds like a comedy right?

Anyway, the Bucket List refers to a list of things you would like to do before you “kick the bucket”. As they had only 6 months to a year left, they had to take the express lane and it helped that Nicholson’s character had a private jet and assistant to coordinate all their travel and adventures.

At first I thought Nicholson might have put “lose some damn weight” on the list but what’s fun in doing that? It’s hard work. Seriously, they shaved his head and at one point I thought he looked like the Annakin Skywalker when they take the mask off him just before he’s about to die. Could have been a perfect match (I couldn’t find a good screen shot since the movie isn’t on DVD yet.)
You know, these kinds of lists always seem to have common themes to them. One is to travel and experience specific destinations….Disneyland, the Pryamids, etc. Seriously, is it your life long goal to wait in a 3 hour queue in 90 degree weather to participate in an amusement ride that lasts 90 seconds? Do you REALLY want to hug that Mickey/Minnie which you know is really a sweaty employee underneath? I think you can do better!

As to travel, that stuff is on my list ongoing. I’ve been traveling to places I want to see for years. At the end of this year, I will have visited 45 different countries across the globe. If anything, my list is growing, not shrinking.

Another common theme is to put sky diving and/or bungee jumping on the list. Seriously, why is that? Nobody seems to put stunt double, cage wrestling, or ice racing on motorcycles on their list. Those have to have about the same amount of adrenaline rush. I have this aversion to tempting gravity by jumping off a perfectly good surface. Don’t get me wrong, I once jumped 65 feet off a bridge because “everyone else did”. What a lemming I really was back then! I also took a 35 foot fall once while rock climbing (not to the ground fortunately). No, I’ve had my ‘let’s chase gravity’ experiences; I’ll pass on the sky diving and bungee jumping.

Some “to do before you die” lists have unrealistic things on them: Having a baby, singing on national TV, own a room with a view. Of course, the first one is a bit hard if you’re a man. The second one; damn, you don’t want to go there and neither do I. The third one, puleez, why should I spend a bunch of damn money just to say I once owned something that I could look out of once in awhile? I’d rather rent a room with a nice view for the weekend and then use the remainder I saved to visit a hell of a lot of places instead.

My bucket list? I think these would be a start at my bucket list:

- Visit all six populated continents
- Turn a creative idea into a business
- Live abroad for at least 3 months
- Tour the lower 48 states by bicycle
- Learn a second language
- Shadow somebody of interest for a few days
- Write a book
- Work in a remote village as a volunteer

What’s on yours? (and please don’t be cliché)


Unknown said...

A movie about two people dying of cancer is a light funny movie? I knew I liked you for a reason.

My bucket list would consist of one thing: find the cure to what is killing me before I die.

I don't think my sarcasm is working today...

Ed said...

kan - Even better is that they both die...and it's ok. How twisted is that? I don't think I'd want your bucket list; it involves too much work and not enough fun; plus I was never great at science...I'd probably just turn myself into some hidious monster in the process anyway and then end up living forever that way.

Kurt said...

But what if what I want to do is cliche?

My bucket list:
plant flowers
hug a bunny
make someone smile

Serena said...

At first blush, you wouldn't think a movie about people dying of cancer would be funny, but I can see where there would be plenty of fodder for levity. Especially with Nicholson and Freeman at the helm. I think I'm going to have to see that.

My bucket list:
- Figure out how to work from home and make a living
- Raise money for animal shelters
- Volunteer in people shelters
- Start seeing some of the places I've never seen
- Write another book
- Go blonde (If I hate it, I can always switch back.)

Mother Theresa said...

I'm with Kanrei, but I think I'd enlist the help of a brilliant scientist to get that done.

Besides that:
-have grandchildren
-Learn French and Italian
-learn to bellydance
-travel around the world
-write a book...and get it published
-eat as much chocolate as I want

okay, I'm sure there's more, but I have to go make lunch, so that's it for now.

Ed said...

kurt - Dang, you could take the bunny to plant flowers and that'll make the bunny smile and you'll be done!

sj - Blonde? Yowzaa. You already wrote a book? What was it?

theresa - I a bit bothered that you want to have your own grandchildren...oh didn't mean literally. The chocolate sounds good...

Unknown said...

I'd probably just turn myself into some hidious monster in the process anyway and then end up living forever that way.

And the down side is?

Mother Theresa said...

Nah, I think I'll just let my kids have them, then I'll spoil them.

Memarie Lane said...

I honestly don't really care. I used to have a list, then I did a couple things on it and realized that nothing is ever what it's really cracked up to be. So no skydiving or rocky mountain climbing for me, I'd be happy to go right here and now. Well not HAPPY but, you know.

Ed said...

kan - It's all those villagers with their'd be nuisance all the time

theresa - That's my plan too. Ah the benefits of paybacks

marie - Come on secretly want to be on dancing with the stars, don't you? Life is not complete without a waltz in front of several million people.