Thursday, February 07, 2008

Teen Celebrities

You know, everybody was a teen at one time. Ok, I probably never grew out of mine but that’s not the point here. Have you ever wondered what some of the famous people were like as a teen? Let’s examine:

Ghandi’s Mom: “Eat your dinner, it’s getting cold”

Teen Ghandi: “I’m not hungry”

Teen Jeffrey Dahmer: “Hey, want to have a sleepover?”

Jeffrey’s soon to be ex friend: “Ok”

Teen Jeffrey: “Great, I’ll make us some finger food”

Kids standing around the school yard: “Great…here comes Mr. Honesty…”

Teen Abraham Lincoln: “Hi Guys, anybody want to play Four Score?”

One kid: “Oh brother, we haven’t played that game for like seven years ago”

Teen Napolean: “Johnny, you come around through the cafeteria. Jimmy, you cut off the north hallway. Timmy, I’ll be expecting you to ride up and surprise them at the front door…”

Johnny: “Lighten up shortbread…did you really THINK we were going to ACTUALLY take over the school???”

Teen Clint Eastwood: “Go ahead, punk, make may day!”

Dad: “Oh, I’ll make your day alright…get in and clean that room…and MAKE THAT BED!”

Teen Oprah: “Go ahead, let it out, tell me how it feels, you can cry”

Mom: “Oprah, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, stop with the psychiatrist game.”


Mother Theresa said...

How about Hillary:

Hillary: When I grow up I want to be President!

Hillary's mother: Now dear, you know girls can't be President.

Hillary: Well, then I'll be the President's wife, I'll kick his ass for cheating on me, and then I'll be President.

Schmoop said...

Jamie Lynn Spears as a Teen:

"Screw the condom, let's fuck." Cheers!!

Kurt said...

That's a nice photo of Oprah. She almost looks attractive.

Serena said...

Those are hilarious. I can't think of a thing to add.:-)

justacoolcat said...


Oh man, I bet teen Stephen Hawking twenty bucks it couldn't get any worse than "Teen Ghandi: “I’m not hungry”".

He sits corrected.

Ed said...

theresa - Hah! Good one.

matt-man - Now that's funny!

kurt - Photoshop can do wonders

sj - It's a creative bunch commenting here...

Ed said...

justacoolcat - Hah! Good one!

Carla said...

Good ones!!! It's too late for me to come up with any better...but I like that Hilary one.

Anonymous said...

You totally cracked me up.

Like really. Need some moisturizer or something....

Ed said...

carla - It's a good one for sure

kelley - Make sure it has some sunscreen!

Uncivil said...

Tookie Williams as a young punk: I'm going to write childrens books when I grow up!

7 eleven clerk: Sure, and the title will be "How to keep from becoming someone's prison bitch before ya take a dirt nap"

Tookie: "Say hello to my little friend" as he pulls the sawn-off shotgun from under his jacket