Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blog Roll Shout Out and Your Chance to Vote

I rarely ever do a Sunday post; most people aren’t on the internet over the weekends and who wants great material to go to waste? Of course, I’ll have to get great material first, but that’s beside the point…

As you’ll recall, awhile back I revamped the blog. I stripped off all awards, removed all groups and list links. My blog is what I make it and is only me and those that visit!

In keeping with that theme, I also revamped my blog roll. I visit blogs based on how many times they visit and comment on mine. One tally per post per comment. About every seven or so days I revise the list and don't look back. It’s actually quite amusing watching as other readers rise or fall in the ranks. But in what will be surprise things to come during the course of the year based on this list, I’ve decided since I just crossed the big "50 different bloggers" commenting total, it’s time to give my top 10 a well-deserved shout out:

1. Kurt with Other People Exist. I think a new reader might find it difficult to know when Kurt is serious (or if he ever is). He’s even better than I am at blurring the realities of fact and fiction. I secretly believe he really lives in Mongolia based on some conspiracy theory notes I’ve been taking but he’s quite funny. Look for his ground breaking phrase "Take it where you shake it" to be on everyone's lips very soon...

2. Serena Joy with Parenthetically Speaking. The great thing about Serena’s blog is that it’s more interactive. She encourages the comments and it’s the land of youyous over there; meaning she’ll challenge you with interesting questions, perspectives, and assignments. Some of my most inspired comments are left on her posts. I had one back in Christmas that I should have used for a post but chose to leave it in comment world. She is so good at responding to everyone that comments and she’ll visit regularly too.

3. Jeff with View from the Cloud. Even though Jeff is from Minnesota, he’s funny enough and clever enough to keep me reading. No, seriously, Jeff has a fun blog with lots of things I wish I had posted about. We’re about the same age and both have families so he feels more like a cyber brother I didn’t have and wouldn’t want but I enjoy his blog all the same.

4. Kelley with Magneto Bold too. Kelley is from Australia and I just love visiting my friends from down under because they all have a great sense of humor; plus it costs a lot to track me down and kill me so I don’t have to worry about that. She has a great shoe fetish (in a good way) and provides a good un-PC rant. If I need some abuse, I seek her out. Seriously, her blog is a lot of fun.

5. Matt-man with Bagwine Ruminations. Warning, this is not a blog to read with your pre-schoolers. Nor is it a juvenile blog. Matt has one of the most active comment areas I know of. He responds to everyone equally and very quickly. Comments must come to his cell phone he’s so fast sometimes. His blog has politic humor and religious humor among other zany things. He’s very clever with both.

6. Kanrei with Kanrei’s Home for Wayward Lemming. Kanrei is known for challenging what is said and looking at it a different way. He has fellow lemmings all over. We’d follow him off a bridge (or at least pretend to until he jumped first). Seriously, Kan is one of the most passionate bloggers that visits here. If he really likes something he’ll really tell you so. Some of my most cherished compliments came from Kan and they were so because I know he wasn’t just playing lip service. He also saved my embarrassment awhile back when I posted and had the wrong celebratramp on the post. He’s known for his Friday rants and usually is guaranteed to post on that day…except when he doesn’t.

7. Theresa with The Rain in Spain. Theresa is a very talented writer. She won The Quill Driving competition like a bazillion times. Sadly it is no more so I don’t have to worry about her beating me. She’s been a winner on Diesel’s Mattress Police photo caption contest and is a runner up regularly. She lives in Spain but grew up in California so it’s nice to have an international view on things.

8. Nessa with The Chrysalis Stage. Nessa is a writer. She’s one of my most prolific commenters but she hasn’t updated her blog in awhile. She’s obviously got many talents I do not so I would imagine they are more productive than any of mine and that keeps her busy in the real world too.

9. Marie with Memarie Lane. I’ve been stalking errr reading Marie’s blog for only awhile now but I enjoy it a lot. She’s got a mix of outright funny but also will feature more serious topics. Just recently she was ranting on water recycling and was clever enough to throw in some “feel good” pictures between the rant like “Here’s a puppy” with a cute puppy picture. Classic! I secretly know she’s had an affair with her vacuum cleaner and I’ve been blackmailing her ever since but don’t tell anyone.

10. Carla with Kooteney Bliss. Carla has a wholly unique blog to the others. It’s like going to a spa and getting a massage with trickling water flowing somewhere just out of view. How a juvenile guy like me found it I’ll never know. The bigger mystery is why she tolerates my stalking. Of course, she is in Canada so its much safer…

As to the rest of know I love your blogs, you know I read from time to time, you know you should be commenting more if you want to rise in the ranks...

And on to a completely different subject...

I’m going to add three new posts to my all time list.

Which of these would you vote for?

1. West Wing Story (Parts 1,2,3,4)
2. Having Fun and Being Outrageous with Meme’s
3. Health Club Blues
4. Parenting the Teens Way
5. Lets Talk about the Word
6. Christmas Theme Week
7. Man Eating Aardvarks
8. The Next Governor
9. Lettuce Wraps Unleashed
10. Italy Doesn’t Convert
11. And That's the Way We Really Became the Brady Bunch
12. Alternate Endings

It’s up to you. Let me know which should move on to the coveted (and never clicked on) “Best of VE”


RED MOJO said...

First I'd like to say, It's great to be number 11 on your blog-roll!
As far as the post I liked best, and I did read all of them, I vote for Alternate Endings.

Kurt said...

I'm very proud to be mentioned here, and I'm glad I pay that high school kid to leave comments on so many blogs. I vote for Parenting Teens the VE Way.

Ed said...

red mojo - The fact that you are 11th is staggering considering you weren't even on the list not long ago! Thanks for the vote on that one!

kurt - It's nice to see you supporting Americas youth. Unfortunately, I chose to outsource all my comment typing to only the poorest African nations. For ever third comment they do, they get to make one free scam email about a large sum of money that needs to be deposited in some American's bank account... Thanks for the vote on that one post too.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Really? I'm number 3 on your "most comments" list? That says one thing to me... I'M SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH TIME AROUND THIS SILLY PLACE!

Regarding your "best of" posts... I'll have to get back to you on those. You know, after I spend even MORE time here reading through them.

Ed said...

jeff - Its ok...I spend an equal amount of my precious time on yours too! I'm also secretly jealous that you can do audio posts because I cannot get them to work. If I give up; I've got a post idea ready to go; perhaps you can add to it and we can collaborate on a shared post from your blog in the future

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

ve - Absolutely. I'm twisted enough to join in just about anything blog-related.

Regarding your "best of" post... it was a toss up between your "teens" post (because of our obvious teen connection) and your "word" post, because who doesn't like to use that word? But because you need one answer, I'll go with the word post. What the fuck.

But I'll give myself the Christmas post for "best comment left by me."

Mother Theresa said...

Wow, thanks for the shout out! Too bad there's no more Quill Driving. I'm sure you would have come up with some amazing entries, judging from your blog posts. How do you come up with this stuff?

My vote has to go to West Wing Story, that's my all-time favorite, although the rest is pretty fantastic too.

Ed said...

jeff - Tell you what. My email is on my profile...send me an email and I'll shoot you my idea for a blog post together and see where it goes. Meanwhile, thanks for ensuring my kids cannot read my blog for another 10 days due to language. Yes, you're Christmas comment was a great one; I love it when people step up to the challenge!

theresa - Yeah, the Quill Driving concept was fun because all the entries were so different based on the same list of words. You know, now that I think about it, I was actually doing a paper blog back in the late 70s because I had this fictional newspaper and I'd write pages for it (during school time of course) and then pass those around to school friends to read. That's pretty much a manual blog. Guess I was destined to blog after all...

justacoolcat said...

I think the whole concept of "... One tally per post per comment" is two parts water and one part vinegar.

I may have to ridicule it further.

United Studies said...

I am so close to being number 10....w00t.

I have not read any of the other posts, excluding the WSS parts 1-4. So I cannot vote.

United Studies said...

Oh, I have read #'s 2 and 3. Shows you how much I actually pay attention to what you write. ;-)

Serena said...

Thanks for the kind words! I've been feeling lower than a snake's belly today. Now I feel like I can inch up far enough to see over the rim of the gutter.

What I CANNOT do is vote on one post. Impossible! They're all good. I loved the whole West Wing story, and there's no way to choose one segment over another.:)

Ed said...

justacoolcat - Ridicule away...I need the abuse

jacki - They are all linked if you want to read; otherwise just pick or not pick, that is the question

sj - Oh, I wasn't asking for West Wing Story by each segment, but the whole thing as a single multi-part offering

leelee said...

looks like I have some past posts to catch up on...

I'll vote after I read them

Schmoop said...

First of all, thank you very much VE.


Son of a Bitch. So many new blogs to check out AND figure which of your posts to give a nod to? My head is swimming!!


Anonymous said...

Fun? My blog is FUN? Sheesh! What is wrong with people? I do all this ranting and raving and people keep calling me fun and cute and NICE???


Nice to see you sucking up to the commentors there VE, might have to start doing that soon.

Man, I hope you win my contest. I will rip your blog to shreds baby!

Brad said...

All excellent I have to work harder to make the list!

You're a tough sell, buddy. But you'll be happy to know I tried to be funny today.

Ed said...

leelee - Sorry to make you read so much of my drivel in order to vote. Think of it as charitable...or hard time

matt-man - Yeah, too many blogs, too many posts, too many real life distractions keeping me from them.

kelley - Ha ha ha. Don't you be getting all aggressive on me now! Fun? Now why isn't that Hello Kitty tooth cap you had on not fun? What about the chocolate? What about that thong gal you had awhile ago...I'll be SHE was fun! Yeah, you bring on the review...I'm up to the challenge there, girl!

brad - Hah! Good one. Yeah, I was just messing with you. Anyone that wins the Mattress Police's photo caption contest three times has to be funny but I thought it was funny that after he announces it and everyone runs to your blog to see what all the hoopala is about and you've got an "out of town" post. But I see you've made up for it today already.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm just happy because I saw MY blog in your sidebar!

Ed said...

elastic - And now thanks to this comment you move up a bit!

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