Monday, March 10, 2008

Lets End the Debate

It’s time for some controversy! It’s time for battle. It’s time to determine this once and for all!

That’s right, let’s just get this whole cats vs dogs debate over with. Oh sure, you think it’s an apples-oranges type question. Well the world happens to LIKE apple-orange type questions. So waaaah!

It’s up to you. You choose your favorite of each pair (cat or dog).






Ok, that's it...pick your favorites between the pairs: Cat or Dog.


RED MOJO said...

I can't help, I love 'em all. I won't be bullied into choosing one over the other. They all have their good and bad points. I have never thought it was necessary to have a favorite. Go pick on someone else!
Alright, I got a little carried away for a second there.

Ed said...

red mojo - Oh sure, go ahead and be Switzerland. Ha ha. I'll let you slide...this time.

Gnomeself Be True said...

a, b, c, d

Cats rule. Dogs drool.

Chris Eldin said...

I love dogs, but the cat photos are cuter. :-)

Ed said...

iamnot - No middle of the road for've made your decision across the board.

christine - Ok then. That makes cats-2, dogs 0

leelee said...

The pictures are all cute for sure..but I am a dog girl..hands/paws down!

Cats are cute to look at but they have such a mean streak..I can't trust 'em.

You can just see the love in a dogs eyes..

Ed said...

leelee - Ok, one solid across the board vote for the dogs.

I wasn't as absolute. I took each picture grouping at face value and came up with a mix. Talk about being wishy-washy...

leelee said...

Thats funny because you wanted an absolute..

But I have to tell you VE...when it comes to animals and are allowed to be somewhat wishy-washy...there are much more important issues in life to be sure of..


sprinkle4 said...

Okay...look...I love dogs. I do. I own two of 'em. But cats....well, there's just something about a cat. No, you can't trust them but that just makes it more fun! So, cats across the board. I just hope my dogs don't see this.

Kurt said...

Hmm. They both have their qualities. although I am allergic to cats.

justacoolcat said...

One of my dogs thinks she's a cat and my cat is very dog like . . .I'm so confused.

Ed said...

leelee - Yeah, my girlfriend told me the dang thing was confusing on what you were supposed to do with it. I told her to get back in the kitchen and mop that damn floor!! (just kidding). She's probably right as usual.

sprinkle4 - OMG, crossing the dog/cat lines. That makes you a double-agent!

kurt - I'm sorry to hear your allergic. Think how much pussy you are missing...wait, don't even go there all you sicko's!

justacoolcat - Sounds like your pets "take a walk on the wild side". I'd be confused too.

United Studies said...

I think kittens are adorable, but they make me sneeze, so I gotta go with the dogs. Nothing cuter than a little puppy.

leelee said...

you know she is VE!



Ed said...

jacki - I recommend living in a cat litter box for two years; that should cure your cat allergy.

leelee - I think that's one of those death/taxes kind of things.

Serena said...

I'm a dog person, paws down, but I have to say that the kitty pix are cute, too. The next time I'm looking to adopt a pet, I just may get one of each.:)

Ed said...

sj - I'd get a pet but they'd have to do their own carry-on during all my travels.

Alan Smithee said...

There aren't very many good films about cats; however, there are many great films about dogs.

101 Dalmations
Old Yeller
A Boy and His Dog
The Shaggy D.A.
Air Bud
Turner & Hooch

etc. etc.

Ed said...

Alan Smithee -'re right. There was Cats and Dogs (kid movie). Disney had the Aristocats. I'm at a loss after that.

sparringK9 said...


Gnomeself Be True said...

I love my dog...but I miss my cat.
BTW, that look in your dog's eye, that's not love, that's stupid. Pure, blank, uncomprehending, stupid.
Ends up, stupid has a lot in common with love, so don't feel bad about getting them mixed up.

Ed said...

she - Ok, thanks. BY the way, you have the record for the shortest comment on my blog now. Any shorter and the commenter wouldn't be saying anything...

iamnot - Stir up there buddy...stir it up.

HeyJoe said...

Tough call between D and E. The on the back crotch shot is always a winner, but the long legs on that dog crack me up.

OK, going with E.

Ed said...

heyjoe - Yes, of the A-E choices, most are selecting that one. The big dog is pretty funny isn't it?

Barry Nong said...

Cats are best because they wash themselves.

Dee said...


and I also like that cats wash themselves.

Memarie Lane said...

I think the cats won overall. I generally prefer dogs though.

Ed said...

barry - That's more than I can say for some people!

gc - looks like a Panda, I will admit but in reality it is a dog.

marie - Was a close one though.

the frogster said...


Ed said...

frogster - Thanks for the brevity...