Monday, March 10, 2008

Making fun of 70s music

I don't what it is, but blogger hasn't been letting me load pictures for the last two mornings. I had to post part 4 in the evening on Sat because of this. So rather than have another discussion with my computer (which is so one-sided), I'll just improvise and post something non-photo today.

I grew up with the ridiculous 70s music. Some of it, like it or not, is engrained in my childhood. I can make fun of it if I want to. So there!

First off, what is up with this group:

Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds

I want to point out that there is only one comma in their name. What the hell does that mean? Is this four guys? Is this Joe Frank Hamilton and his buddy Reynolds? All I know is thank God they didn’t invite any of their other friends to join the band. It could have been:

Hamilton, Joe Frank Reynolds Tom Eddie Bobby and Victor

Try fitting that onto a 45rpm record! Try fitting that into the ipod nano screen!

Oh, and let’s not forget that they were a one hit wonder group with the song “Don’t Pull Your Love out on me Baby”. Seriously, what EXACTLY were they doing to write these lyrics? I think they were doing the nasty! I could be wrong, but I’m holding by my theory.

Ok, next up….

Stephen Bishop

Another obscurity. You might know him from that funny song from Animal House where he sings “I gave my love a chicken that has no bone” or some such nonsense. Anyway, he had a hit called “On and On”. Boy, if you lived during this era, never was there a more appropriate title to a song. This song just went ‘on and on’. You probably know this one. The lyrics go:

Down in Jamaica
They got lots of pretty women
Steal your money
Then they break your heart
Lonesome Sue, she's in love with ol' Sam
Take him from the fire into the frying pan

On and on
She just keeps on trying
And she smiles when she feels like crying
On and on, on and on, on and on

That’s right, it’s a happy little tune. They all were in the 70s, right? It’s right up there on the happy scale with the next one.

Terry Jacks

Yep, Seasons in the Sun. Gad…somebody fetch me a tissue! Lyrics like “Goodbye papa, it’s hard to die…” Are you kidding me? It’s EASY to die! Not dying is the hard part. If it’s not some disease, it’s some war or some suicide bomber or a car crash or food poisoning or a stroke or SOMETHING! All I can say Terry is that you should have had more fun while you could! The lyrics should go

“He had joy he had fun
He had one hit at number one
But the other music that he wrote
Well, no one listened to a note!”


RED MOJO said...

You picked some winners! I was in school during the 70's, and I pretty much hate it all. One of the worst for me was "Wildfire" if that was the name of the damn thing. It made me want to rip my ears off.
'she ran callin wiiiiiiild fiiire, she ran calling wiiiiiiild fiiiire, she ran callin wiii-iii-iii-iiii-ild fiiiiiiiiii-iiiire. just kill me.

Ed said...

red mojo - Hah! Yeah, that's a winner one. I made fun of that one some time ago. My favorite part: "There came a killing frost." Huh? Storm yes, frost, no.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Lots of crap came out of every decade.
The 70s had soe real winers too.

leelee said...

We switched the lyrics in Seasons In The Sun to:

We had joy we had fun..we killed mother with a gun..

Now..if a kid said that today..he'd probably mean it.. we just thought it was funny...but then again, I spent the majority of the 70's high...what can I say??!

ps: I do not own a trench coat of any kind..

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

blogger has been giving me all these error messages lately when I try to post photos. They usually post the third or fourth try! By then I'm cursing like a sailor at the computer, but at least the photos go up. I love 70's music, but have to admit I've never heard of the artists (i use that term loosely) you mentioned!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I just read Mojo's post about Wildfire. TOO FUNNY. I hate that song, too. It makes me want to stuff my mouth with giant marshmallows until I choke.

Mother Theresa said...

I don't remember any of those, but I'm thinking Donny and Marie are a pretty good example of lame 70's music.

On another note, I just got caught up on your West Wing story and I liked it so much that I'm sending people over to read it. That was absolutely brilliant and so much more fun than watching the real thing. :)

Anette said...

Yeah, I've had the same problem. When I finally managed to post some photos I had to put them in one by one... slightly annoying.

Unknown said...

I take issue with this post personally. This 70's are my favorite musical era and there is very little from that time I do not enjoy.

"On and On?" I love that song personally. It is one of those magic tunes that takes me back to my childhood everytime I hear it. Yes, I like Seals and Croft too.

"Seasons in the Sun?" How can you make fun of a song about a guy who is going off to Vietnam, knows he is going to die there, and is saying good-bye to all he loves. In this time of Iraq, the song is certainly timely again. Does it suck as a tune? Hell yes it does, but it is still really depressing.

Cold VE, cold. Still love ya though.

Ed said...

iamnot - That's true, there are winners in every decade!

leelee - That's funny...though too real nowadays, huh? Yeah, I think everyone was high...otherwise how would you get all these lyrics in the first place.

arizona - Don't get me wrong, there are many corny 70s songs I like because I grew up on them. Doesn't mean I can't poke fun at them though.

theresa - Yeah, I had the 70s music channel on as background noise and a Donnie & Marie song came on and I thought "What the hell is that?" Thanks for the comments on the West Wing series...I had fun doing it. I wished I had spent a little more time on pictures for the fourth part; I had to reuse once there.

anette - Welcome. You know, I even tried one at a time and it wasn't going for it. Eventually, as 20 minutes goes by and you haven't gotten anywhere, you just give up!

kan - Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, man, I just couldn't help laughing that you'd be defending those songs. Now Seals and Crofts...I kinda like those songs. I could be the "King of Nothing" too! Ok, I'll give you the Vietnam analogy long as you don't go "On and On" about it ;)

Unknown said...

I like my cheese, what can I say? I list "Roadhouse" right up there next to "Citizen Kane" as my favorite movies.

Dee said...

help me to understand "I started a Joke" by the BeeGees. Was it a bad dream or something?

Also I'm partial to Summer Breeze and Peaceful Easy Feeling.

Ed said...

gc - Interesting one. One interpretation according to Wikipedia is that it's from the point of view of the devil.

Even stranger is that the Wallflowers did this as a cover song for the movie Zoolander.

I sum it up to....DRUGS!

sparringK9 said...

i love that squid. i need it. for my yard. what? no afternoon delight or brandy? grrherhaha

sparringK9 said...

and then there was timothy!

timothy, timothy
my God what have we done?

the cannibal song that turned out to be about a fish.

i like leelee's lyrics.

precious and few are a moment we two can share...air air air air

leelee said...

ok I confess...Brandy was one of my was "one toke over the line"..

I was in Jr High, what can I tell you!

Ed said...

she - I did a parody on the Brandy song when "Brandy" was in the news for that car wreck way back when. As for afternoon delight...well...I still happen to enjoy that. No, not the song though!

Sorry about the squid...we had a large party with appetizers and...well...

leelee - Now what were you doing while enjoying "One Toke over the line"???!!!

Serena said...

I barely remember those songs, quite possibly because I spent much of the 70s doing the same thing Leelee was. I think we may have been better off.:)

Dale said...

Sadly, I know these songs but happily, I liked your take on them. Terry Jacks though also belonged to "The Poppy Family" who had at least two charted hits in Canada. I can never remember if Susan Jacks was his wife or sister and can't be bothered to look it up. One of their tunes went something like 'evil grows in the dark where the sun it never shines'. Great stuff.

leelee said...

my lips are sealed!

Yeah Serena....I swear we went to different high schools together!


Ed said...

sj - Sure, sure, claim ignorance. You probably had the Terry Jacks fan poster!

dale - It's ok. You've confessed your sins. You can't be held responsible for the 70s!

leelee - I went to different high schools separately...

Maureen said...

OMG... why???


WHY the heck did you have to say Seasons in the Sun? It takes me forever to get that damn song out of my head when I hear anything about it.

Thanks. Thanks a lot....

Ed said...

maureen -
You had joy, you had fun
then VE ruined it with this song
Now the tunes in your head
and may be til your dead


Barry Nong said...

we used to sing,
We had joy we had fun
We had tea and sticky bun.

but we were strange..

Kurt said...

All those songs are so ingrained in my brain that I am not able to make any qualitative judgments about them. Well, most of them.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i remember the 45 and them little yellow things we had to but in th middle to get them to play on a componet set LOL

United Studies said...

Ah yes, the sounds of the 70's. I have never heard of these groups, but I did grow up with parents that....ummm...smoked stuff so I grew up listening to Pink Floyd and other things of that nature.

I too had trouble uploading things to blogger lately. But today it was fine.

Schmoop said...

All worthy of their horridness. What? No Starland Vocal Band? I am shocked. Cheers!!

sparringK9 said...

ha ha ha ha stayin alive stayin alive
ha ha ha ha stayin aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hive hive

well you can tell by the way i USE MY WALK? what the hail does that mean?

Ed said...

barry - You should have written his lyrics in the first place!

kurt - You must be blinded by the light...

torrance - Don't you feel old when kids have no idea what those are? I put one of those in a picture only post of things not seen anymore once.

jacki - Dark Side of the Moon; the definitive stoners album...

matt-man - I know, I know...but it was just too easy a target.

she - That's funny. I've never used my walk for anything other than walking. Would it do the dishes?

Arlen said...

Um, it's Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds...3 guys and only Joe Frank uses more than one name....