Friday, May 16, 2008

Blogdom in the Real World

Ever wonder what it would be like if the Blog World were suddenly the real world? Let’s take a look…

“Hey honey, I’m having some friends over tomorrow”

“Oh, who?”

”I have no idea who, I’m heading out trolling houses I like right now and will leave an invite.”

“Oh, and some other random people might show up throughout the day and night too.”

Every house will have a Whiteboard out in the front yard filled with the latest MeMe facts.

There will be very little time to go to work what with stops to visit each of your friend’s houses every day.

Tag will be the predominant world-wide sport.

Everyone will have nametags with photos of something and potential alias names to identify themselves.

Elections will be held via online radio button polls

If all the lights are out, then that home is taking a sabbatical or they’ve run out of ideas for living

Funny, when I came on the blog scene, Diesel over at Matress Police was probably the biggest humor blog person out there I found other than the professional ones like Dave Barry or The Onion. Now, two years later, with Diesel very busy at work it feels sort of like the West Side Story plot. Diesel as Tony where he started the gang but is off doing other things even though he still has “a rep as big as the whole west side” and the other gang/blog members going about their own activities now without his daily presence on their blogs. I know on my own blog roll count he was right up in the high middle of the list but has only commented once since February and has relinguished down further and further away as the list has grown and others have been more prolific. Sad…but that’s blogdom.

The other thing I’m fascinated with in the blogosphere is the notion that with like 100 million blogs out there I could suddenly discover an entire untapped galaxy of funny blogs that are not connected with any of the blogs I know or have visited before. It’s about as close to space travel as I’ll ever get. I like the thought of discovering something that is just so funny I feel like I should have been reading it all along. Fortunately I rarely have to do much exploring these days as I feel I’ve got a great list of blogs to read on a daily basis…


Anonymous said...

Very insightful post, VE. I would add that the humor blogosphere is also a bit like Amway, in that many of the readers are other humor bloggers. It's kind of like a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Ed said...

jeffrey - Yes, a bit so. But isn't that like don't see the Chess players hanging out with the football players.

Memarie Lane said...

It is hard to get around the bloggy circle. Seems like every blog I visit, there's a comment from VE! :D

But using Google reader has afforded some break-loosage with their recommended reading. I've been finding tons of blogs I missed before because I was always going around the same bloggy circle.

Ed said...

marie - Are you say I 'get around'??? Shocking. I know nothing about Google reader...I'm so low tech at some things.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I have a blog limit and a blog hierarchy structure.

I can't explain it to you because its complicated but I suspect that most bloggers that have been at this for awhile have a similar system.

I still read Diesel and I click for him daily because I still think he whoops all the blogs in the top 10 combined. It's not a mercy click it's well earned.

MJ said...

If blogs were the real world, I don't think I would want to read my comment section.

Thanks for my linkage.
*humble bow*

I have returned the favor.

Ed said...

elastic - You do have to live by a system; there's simply too much out there. And I read Diesel when he has new posts because I think he's funny. But I did note that his comment numbers other than the contest have gone down because he doesn't have time to visit. There are many bloggers who visit based on your visit to them.

Ed said...

mj - Thanks for linking. Honestly, I never look but I do visit. You earned your link simply by commenting here. I update the blog roll about once a week and it does tend to lag behind by a few days because people still comment on posts that are a few days old simply because I post almost daily and some don't come here daily. What is wrong with them!!!!

Queen Goob said...

You DO have a job, right? I have to second Memarie's statement about VE leaving a comment everywhere I go. But, I do so enjoy those comments! BTW - Those are some fucked up boots!

L.P. said...

~rolling on the floor laughing~
me showing up at your house - your wife would have a coronary as i wandered around bare-assed.
hmmm... wonder how much mayhem i could create if i started a humor blog...

Michelle Ann said...

I just wish that all us bloggers could get together for some blow out party. That would be a blast!!!

Ed said...

queen goob - Remember...I'm on global holidays this year...but I do like to get around; crap, there, I said it again.

lakota - Ha! Let me fantasize about that for a moment. Oh, ok, well, if I had a wife you are right. But my girlfriend has a very nice ass too...and yes...I think she would be a tad jealous if you were walking around our house all nekkid

Ed said...

michelle ann - Are you saying party at your house?!! Ha! I think the party would have to be in Vegas or somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Deisel was the engine that started it all? No, I don't think so.

Deisel was the engine that pulled all the train cars together. That one I might buy.

Humor bloggers unite!

I am a rogue. I remain free. I also change my content at will and confuse the hell out of my readers, but shouldn't my blog reflect my real life?

Gnomeself Be True said...

I think it's better this way.
Odds are, we're all wittier and better looking with a computer between us and reality.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I've thought about the endless blog universe out there too. Even imagined writing a whole other blog as an alias where no one knew who I was - very much unlike my blog now. But then I remembered that I can't even keep up with all the wonderful readers I have now, so I don't even test those waters. I get frustrated that I have about 125 blogs on my reader and I only get to stop by most of them rarely. If only everyone would post like once a month... THEN I'd be able to keep up! :-)

Beth said...

That whole leaving comments aspect of blogging fascinates me. Some do, some don’t. Some do so regularly, some sporadically. I think there is (or should be) some form of blogging etiquette. Hell, I’ll check out the blog of anyone who leaves a comment on mine and then leave a comment on their blog. It may be a blog on knitting, crafts, cooking (none of which interest me) and I may never go back, but at least I paid them a courtesy visit.
You’re one of the good guys – a faithful commenter. Glad you found me. Or did I find you?

Serena said...

When I think of all the blogs out there that I haven't read, in the same breath that I think of all the blogs I do read but have more and more trouble hitting on a daily basis, I get a headache. So many blogs, so little time.:)

sprinkle4 said...

But I must say, in the blog community, you are one of the coolest neighbors! (not like the weird guy that raises ferrets or that lady with the cats.....wait, that's me...never mind)

I don't know if I'm a humor blogger or not.....I would be afraid to have that title...what happens if you're not funny but you think you are? Do you get relegated to the "You Suck" blog category?

Unknown said...

Great post, VE!
I really enjoy reading your blog and Diesel's. I agree with what one of your readers said...You are everywhere! :) That's a good thing though! I guess it means you rank pretty high in the bloggy world :) As for me, I've just got a silly 'ol blog with a handful of loyal readers. They're mostly people I know in real life. I'd say that they read my blog because:
a) They feel sorry for me because it really is a pitiful little blog
b) They are "acquaintances" and just lurking...and being extremely (secretively) nosey!
c) They somehow managed to find my blog amongst all of the zillions of other blogs out there and just keep coming back to win prizes on my dinky little contests ;)

Which reminds me, I need you to shoot me an e-mail with your details. I've got a consolation prize that needs to be mailed out to you for that movie contest I had weeks ago :)

colbymarshall said...

yep, VE, looks like Tony is sweeping out Doc's shop now. Whatever are we going to do with him?

Dale said...

It's a very large, wonderful and frightening world isn't it VE? I'm glad you're in it even if you're just one more friend I barely have time to spend with. Call me, we'll do lunch.

HeyJoe said...

Good post, VE. I also am amazed at the sheer number of blogs out there. I suppose all us bloggers should be thankful for however many readers we get, given how much there is to choose from.

robkroese said...

Yeah, real life calls. I've been pretty busy lately, but things should start to calm down in a few weeks. Great post.

Ed said...

quilly - Good way of putting it. Diesel started humor blogs. Ok, I'm not a member...but still; I think more of us discovered each others blogs as a result. You could do the same through links (I have) but it's fun to peruse the blogs from humor blogs too.

iamnot - The perfect mask (much better than my lame Howdy Doody mask over my identity)

jeff - Who are you? Just kidding...yes, you have a large audience too and they all know Jeff and his akward diary. Ha Ha

beth - I'm the same way; I comment essentially to say THANKS. I also read the responses (when there are) the next time I visit too. I know that is impossible for some because they get so many. I look at matt-man and he has about the largest commented posts I see and he responds faithfully to each and every one...always. I think it attributes to his large commenting audience. I know another humor blog not on any list that gets over 300 unique readers a day but averages only 1-3 comments per post. Depends on your blog focus and whether you encourage it or not.

sj - You're my barometer blog though. If Serena's not got a post; I don't know what to would be like the sun not rising. Ha ha.

sprinkle4 - Darn, I wanted to be that little shifty strange neighbor that does things nobody can figure out. I definitely don't want to go to the You Suck category either.

c - No, I enjoy a variety of blogs. I'll admit, if you're going to talk quilting and pregnancy...or quilting for pregnancy then I'm not going to have much to comment on. But other than that I'm just the obnoxious neighbor that stops by everyones home...always.

colby - He'll be back. In fact, I see he commented on this post!

dale - Ok, as long as you're buying!

heyjoe - No kidding. Respect all your commenters; they're going out of their way to acknowledge something you wrote...even when they're slamming on you!

diesel - Tony!!! Ha ha. Did you like my analogy? You have a scary sense of timing...did alarms go off and you came over here thinking their was a diesel reference or was it just a coincidence?

Maureen said...

I am constantly on the lookout for new blogs to read; I try to visit at least one new one a day, mostly found on other's blogrolls.

But I have a long list of must-reads that I visit every few days or so. VE and MP have been on that list for a long time and they never fail to give me a chuckle...

And I love your analogy to real life... especially appealing since I spend way more time cleaning up and designing my blog. In comparison, my real house is a mess...

RED MOJO said...

I wish I got paid for blogging, then I could keep up with it all!

Ed said...

maureen - A new blog every day? Dang, I feel so inadequate now...

red mojo - But then it would! I've often wondered if that would take the fun out of it. Blogging was a creative experiment for me anyway. I wanted to see if I could actually come up with new and funny material on an almost daily basis for a long time? So good.

Unknown said...

LOL! You're in luck! No quilting or pregnancy talk...and no quilting for pregnancy either! ;)

Ed said...

c - Well good...for me that is; then I'll have some witty little comment for you that you can say, huh?

Kurt said...

I use google blogsearch to find blogs that have posted about topics that I've posted about, and I leave them a comment. Unless they're lame.

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