Saturday, May 31, 2008


Chances are you've seen this game before. Chances are you haven't seen it for about five years or so either. They are scenes from a movie with the people digitally taken out. You have to guess which movie. Sometimes they're easy...sometimes not. See if you can get these 10:



Good luck with those! I'll be starting your impromptu post suggestions next week. With the better weather I've been less inspired to come up with something. I might be posting another semi-serious Sunday as well. Have a great weekend all! VE out...


Memarie Lane said...

#1 is Bill & Ted, #9 is Tootsie.

Sunshine said...

Some of those are really hard! Let's see where I can fill in...


3 - Big
4 - Edward Scissorhands
5 - ET
6 - Animal House
10 - Tron

Ed said...

Marie - You are correct! Nice.

sunshine - Wow, you cleaned up a lot of them! Nice job.

Serena said...

That's too hard for a laid-back Saturday. I'm getting nothin'.:)

Ed said...

sj - Don't worry; I had to weed through dozens of them that I couldn't figure out just to get some that I actually knew.

lime said...

1. bill and ted's excellent adventure
2. color of money
4. edward scissorshands
7, might ducks
9. tootsie
10. tron

United Studies said...

Ack! Everyone already guessed the ones I knew.

Anonymous said...

1. The Invisible Man
2. The Invisible Man 2
3. The Invisible Man Strikes Again
4. Return of the Invisible Man
5. The Invisible Man Reappears
6. The Invisible Man Disappears Again
7. This Invisible Man Joke is wearing Thin
8. Ok - I'm Tired of typing The Invisible Man
9. Die Invisible Man
10. The Invisible Man is Dead

Kurt said...

2.Meatballs Part II
4.Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie
8.From Justin to Kelly
9.Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Anndi said...


Dude, I LOVE that movie!

cathouse teri said...

I don't think I watch those sorts of movies. Except Edward Scissorhands... and Being There... and Tootsie... and TRON.

But that's it. :)

cathouse teri said...

I went back and read the other answers. Okay, I did see E.T.

Mannequin? Really? I gotta go back and look. I love that movie!

(PS, I like quickroute's answers)

yellojkt said...

My guesses before looking at other comments:

1. Bill and Ted
2. Color of Money
3. Weird Science?
4. Edward Scissorhands?
5. ?
6. Animal House
7. Slapshot?
8. Being There?
9. Tootsie
10. Tron

Megan said...

quickroute wins...with a silver medal for Kurt...

but that's just me.

L.P. said...

ROFLMAO @ quickroute's answers. has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Ugh--guess I'm not the movie fan I thought I was. I only got Bill & Ted, Edward Scissorhands & Tootsie.

Fun game! :D

robkroese said...

1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
2. Don't know. The Color of Money?
3. Big
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. E.T.
6. Animal House
7. Slapshot
8. Being There
9. Tootsie
10. Tron

I know, they've all been guessed already. But the only ones I cheated on were E.T. and Animal House.

Anonymous said...

#1, 7, and 10 had to be the easiest.

I Am Woody said...

I am so bad at this - I could only get 7 - Slapshot and 9 - Tootsie.

Chris Eldin said...

HAHAHAHAHA! How'd you do this?!!

Just wanted to give you a great big thumbs up, because the day after your 'words' post, my older son came to me and asked me if I knew any long words.

Indeedy I did. The word for "fear of long words." I was pleasantly surprised you didn't make that one up!!!
Good on you!!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I couldn't tell you. I'm too distracted by all the naked people I can't see.

RED MOJO said...

LOL Jeff...That would be really good. Just different shots of bedclothes, name that love seen.

Ed said...

anlime - Well, you got half of them! Good try on mighty ducks but alas it was Slap Shot.

jacki - Isn't it always that way? That happens to me all the time...

quickroute - Bravo, my man! You've done VE proud; that's just the kind of funny nonsense I would write!

kurt - Ha! I hope these aren't out of your private collection! Frankenhooker? Bwaaa ha ha

anndi - Slapshot indeed! It is mucho funny!

Teri - Yeah....five of must not watch those movies at all! And don't let them fool you...Mannequin is not one of these but I do remember that one!

yellojkt - Nice...8 out of 10. You obviously need a life like me!

quickroute - Yes, those were inspired performances!

lakota - He'll have to fill in for me when I'm not funny!

k-trainer - Don't worry, I went through lots I didn't know just to get these.

diesel - Wow, this is a complete list! Too bad you cheated! ha ha Did Grundur help you?

chris c - Guess it all depends on what you have watched!

lori - But at least you got those. That tells me you aren't
JUST watching Sex and the City reruns

chris - I know...its hard to know what I make up and what I do not here...

jeff - Ha ha! Good one. And did you know that everyone is actually naked under their clothes? Provacative!

red mojo - That would make a funny set!

colbymarshall said...

Ok, is it bad that I knew none of them? Seriously...none. I feel like I've just tumbled down the hill of loserdom.

Sarah said...

wow these were tough! Everyone already guessed the ones I knew. Boy was I pleased with myself that I recognized Big! haha

Ed said...

colby - Shame on you for living life and not memorizing all the scenes in these movies!

sarah - Yeah people are fast around here...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I totally recognized a lot of 'em but knew when I came to the comments my eyes would sneak over and cheat at what people have already written but I did guess Color of money, Edward Scissorhands, Tootsie, Bill and Ted's although I couldn't remember the name of the movie, I could just picture them being whoa and dude and all... fun stuff!

Ed said...

manic mom - Yeah, it took me awhile to come up with Bill & Ted too because all I could think of was EXCELLENT and BOGUS...