Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Interactive Post

I know. Let’s do an interactive post today. I’ll propose a couple of questions and you tell me what you’d come up with:

1. If your life were a jeopardy board, what categories would you have?

Mine would be:

Bones I Have Broken
Stupid Accidents
Internet Dating Disasters
Creative Blog Posts
Greatest Lost Opportunities
Places I have run out of gas at

2. If somebody actually made delicious brownies that looked like this:

Could you eat them?

I could…but I’m disturbed that way…

3. Which would you rather:

A. Give birth to the anti-christ
B. Watch your family explode

I think A for me. Just imagine the entertainment during the teenage years when parenting the anti-christ! Plus it would be fun trying to make him go to church...

4. This one from Serena: If Bugs ‘The Viper’ Mulligan from my last post actual won the No Contest game, what would be his prize?

I think a free one hour looting spree in the Mall of America would be a good one...

Ok people, you're turn...


Anonymous said...

1. Greatest Lost Opportunities

2. Yes, if there are chocolate chips. Candy corn might be good too. :P

3. Give birth to the anti-Christ. Would that make me the anti-Mary?

4. You could always give him one of those 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that come in the mail every week.

Megan said...

1. I might write a whole post on the jeopardy question. "One night stands" is definitely a category though.

2. I would not eat those brownies.

3. A for sure. I know some Jesuits. They'd take care of it.

4. Still thinking...

Ed said...

marie - I see we share the greatest lost opportunities category. Chocolate chips and candy corn? You ARE twisted. Ha ha. I don't think you'd be that merry raising the anti-Christ...

megan - One night stands...always a favorite category. Come on...the brownies are delicious...nice and chewy in the middle ha ha.

MJ said...

1. Shitty People, College Classes, Smells That Makes Me Gag, Guns I Own, Things That Turn Me On, Lies I've Told

2. Depends how they smell....

3. A, I guess. I would probably be dead before his true purpose came to fruition, so it would just be everyone else's problem then.

4. A lifetime supply of SPAM.

MJ said...

I love the Jeopardy idea BTW. I might have to yank it for a post - with proper credit to you, of course.

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

I saw a article recently about a restaurant where the seats are actual toilets and the brownies look just like that!

Bunny Hugger said...

1. Shitholes I frequent, words I made up, things I obsess over, skanky articles of clothing that I try to justify as appropriate!

2.I would eat them if they were delicious AND calorie free.

3. I'm pretty sure the religious right actually thinks Obama is the anti-christ so I think that job is taken...

padraig said...

1. You need to do both first round and double jeopardy, plus your Final category. I need to think about this.

2. No. Not because I wouldn't be willing to eat it (in itself), but because anyone who eats that is making themselves the butt of a bad joke. Pun intended.

3. If I knew how to prevent the seals from opening, (A).

4. I don't get the reference, URL?

Dee said...

-books I have judged by their covers
-days I have not gone to the gym
-meetings I have stealthily avoided

2. no I could not because that is not a brownie

3.I'll take the Anti Christ. How bad could he be? Besides, world domination means he'll be able to afford me a great nursing home.

Ed said...

mj – Wow…shitty people might be a tough category…there are so many! I like the “other peoples problem”…isn’t that the parenting mandate of so many problem children? SPAM…who wouldn’t want a lifetime supply! Yes, feel free to use the Jeopardy one to your hearts content

quickroute – I saw a restaurant with actual toilets but I didn’t ever see that they had brownies like that in it. Idea stealers! The nerve of them…

bunny hugger – I like ‘words I made up’. I do that that too and then I get all possessive of them and tell people “they’re my words…you can’t use them”. I don’t know about that calorie free brownie thing. If they were calorie free EVERYONE would be eating them!

Padraig – I’ll have to think about my double jeopardy categories and the final jeopardy category. I’d probably go with “Parties I Wished I could sneak out of” as the final category though. Oh, and the reference is for the very last part of the post “No Contest” and Serena Joy commented a question back on it. Just go back to Monday’s post. I know, it’s asking a lot…

gc – I would think ‘days I have not gone to the gym’ would be a very difficult category. There are so many of them! And I hope you like your nursing home hot!

Bee said...

Places I’ve worked
Weird People I’ve met
Scars I wish I had
Places I’ve said “Stop jamming it in”
Places I’ll like to visit

Depends on the smell.

A, she wouldn’t dare hurt her momma!

Raw chicken legs.

My screen froze on the dookie picture and it took me forever to be able to exit. I'm at work so that made it even more special. ;o)

Beth said...

1. Ways to trip gracefully and Chores that can be put off indefinitely.

2. No way - altho I love chocolate.

3.Give birth to the anti-Christ. (There were times I thought I had with my eldest.)

4.Dunno. I'm still disturbed by # 2 (so to speak).

Chris Eldin said...

OMG!! This is hilarious!!
Shitholes I frequent made me laugh out loud.

Who looks at brownies while they're eating? I'd eat a whole pile of 'em.

Kurt said...

What's the problem with the brownies? They're made of brownies, right?

leelee said...

could you break those poo brownies into small manageable pieces?

Ed said...

bee - Ha ha ha. I'm just so tempted to see the answers for the your 'places I've said stop jamming it in'. You left the door wiiiiidddddeeee open on that one! PS...click on the dookie picture...that should jam up your computer again! ;)

beth - I'm right there with you on chores I can put off indefinitely. I think 'chores I can pawn off on somebody else' is just as good. Are you saying I bit off more than I can chew with that brownie question?!

chris - I agree. I'd love to go walking down a busy street eating that brownie. Such fun!

kurt - Yes they are. You see...certain people have a distinct association with the visual. I don't.

Ed said...

leelee - Nope...not as fun. You have to scoop up the whole darn thing and eat it while you walk along the city streets while people run away from you in horror...

Anne said...

it's too late in the day to think this hard.

Serena said...

1. Things I Never Hit With My Car, Books I Wish I'd Written, Husbands I've Left, Bosses From Hell

2. NO!

3. A, I guess. At least that would keep missionaries off my doorstep.

4. Shoot, that Bugs is making out like a bandit. I think I'll become a defense attorney.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Put some peanuts in the brownies and I'll eat them. Ok, maybe not since I'm not really a brownie fan. But, I'm feeling obnoxious today thanks to 3 screaming, whining children. I think my husband would eat them and he probably wouldn't even notice that they resembled a turd.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

1. Leather pants and eye liner
Unknown bands of the 80s
Ancient computer languages

2. You're damn right. In fact, I'm going to make those tomorrow!

3. If I gave birth to anything it wouldn't matter if it was the anti-christ or not.

4. Crap, I don't want to close this window and go back to your last post to figure out what the hell you're talking about, so I have no idea.

Dee said...

sorry I can't play that piece of crap is totally disgusted LOLOL

a. said...

-Putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable
-Which flat tire experience was this
-True story or completely made up to avoid confrontation or get out of work

2. Yes, if they were really delicious.

3. I'd have to go with B because A would end up bad for my family anyway.

4. Get Out of Jail Free Card?

Schmoop said...

I would love to be the father to the Anti-Christ. "Junior, if you don't behave, I'll make you take your bath in holy water." Cheers, VE!!

Ed said...

anne - It's not a hard thought. Here....have a brownie!

sj - 'husbands I have left'. Ha ha ha. Wow...can you really fill the category column with that? Impressive.

arizona - Ha ha. I'm telling your husband. He probably won't care...

jeff - I'm brushing up for the anicent computer languages...what is FORTRAN? What is PASCAL? What is COBOL? What is ASSEMBLY? What is LISP? How'd I do?

dee - Oh come on now...just a little nibble. I'll soften it in the microwave...

annie ha - I'm all for getting out of work. I'd choose that category. Wow...you're the only one that picked the exploding family option. How entertaining.

matt-man - Why does it not surprise me that you'd actually enjoy that parenting task. Ha ha.

lime said...

i will take your jeopardy categories and make them my own except for the internet dating one.

i'd also eat the brownies. a friend of mine brought over cookies made to look like poo and when i had my first child one of the gifts was a pink diaper with chocolate shaped like a turd. i ate them both. brownies would be a cinch.

Ed said...

lime - Well I'm glad somebody else has run out of gas in enough places to fill a category column on Jeopardy. I once went over the mountain range and on the way down the steering wasn't behaving...I was out of gas and the engine shut off and removed my power steering. I coasted to a gas station at the bottom of the pass...

Serena said...

'husbands I have left'. Ha ha ha. Wow...can you really fill the category column with that? Impressive

Well, not yet. My record stands at 1.5 for now. I'm gearing up to improve it, though.

Anonymous said...

1. Places I'd rather be RIGHT now.

2. yes for the brownie but I think some oozy brown frosting would be a highlight.

3. Family blow up but can I pick the members?

4. A free guest post on the VE blog.

Ed said...

sj - Ok...whew. I thought you were in the Elizabeth Taylor category or something...

carlae - Good question...I think it would be fair to pick the members but there has to be a majority of exploding people...

colbymarshall said...


Books I've Read
Movies I've Watched
TV shows I like

Yeah, are we seeing a trend here?

Ed said...

colby - Yes...diversions!!!! ha ha

Giggle Pixie said...

Men I Shouldn't Have Slept With
Wrong Forks in the Road
Poverty versus Total Bankruptcy


Oooh, I'd love to raise the anti-christ. Think of the fun I could have punishing him by making him touch the crucifix!

A gift certificate for IKEA

Ed said...

evil genius - I only find spoons in the road. I'm never lucky enough to find forks...