Friday, November 28, 2008

The Mason-Dixon-VE Line

Yeah, I stuffed myself along with the other 25 people at the family gathering for Thanksgiving. Hope your holiday or for those of you not in the USA, your evening went well too.

And yeah, it's on to the Christmas onslaught. It won't be pretty.

But blogging must go on here's your Friday post:

The Mason-Dixon Line

Just what is all the hoopala over this? I mean there’s an entire song by Dire Straits about this. What on Earth is it? Well…it’s an imaginary line! These two guys came over to America and made up this thing! And they paid them to do it?

I think I’ll get into that business too. How hard can it be? You find a large land mass and you draw an imaginary line across it. Easy. Paycheck, please…

Here are the two lines I am considering…

Australia needs more lines. They just don’t have a lot. What better place to put up a line. Ok, but their interior is a flippin’ boiling desert. I’m not drawing a line across there! Too damn hot. I’ll draw the line closer to the Great Barrier Reef. That way, I can later set up a toll so that I make money everytime somebody wants to cross my imaginary line! Cool…

Greenland needs a line. Any line! Greenland needs something; talk about barren! Get a PR man, sheesh. Anyway, it’s good to be ‘green’ these days and so I chose my line for remoteness. Nobody will mess with this imaginary line! Well…for awhile until the NY city suburbs come creeping over there….(it’ll only be a small ferry ride and 6 hour commute into the city!)

Yes, I think I’ll do quite well at making imaginary lines. I can’t claim it as my own original idea but I can certainly carry on the tradition!


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Are you sure you're not still suffering from tryptophan poisoning? I think you've gone over the line on this one.

Ken said...

This ia a fabulous'll need a helper.
I came over from Phfrankie Bondo's site. I'm well traveled.

Anonymous said...

When I rule Greenland, they will have lines. White lines, blowing through their minds.

Anonymous said...

VE, you've crossed the line.

ReformingGeek said...

Yep. I'm with the others. You've jumped the shark line, VE.'s overrated.
-Line-up for this or that.
-Shortest distance between two points.
-what people be doing when they aren't tellin' the truth.
-place for wet clothes
-"Yes, Officer, I can walk a straight one."

leelee said...

I can't think of a thing to comment.

so I'll just say


Serena said...

VE walks the line. Are you by any chance channeling Johnny Cash today?:)

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

It doesn't surprise me that you choose to put your line in a country full of cities with names that are IMPOSSIBLE to pronounce. With all of those crazy names, how did the place come to be called Greenland?? It should have been named Quaagggmosoqisoaqpaamnukiutquat.

Alex L said...

yeah you can take far north queensland, no body wants it.

Ed said...

jeff - I probably did a line to write that mumbo jumbo...huh?

mickey-t - Welcome. That's true...Mason couldn't do it alone.

captain greenland - Ha ha. Save me a condo on the beach just in case this global warming thing is for real...

roy - Yes I have! Now if I could just cross my T's and dot my I's

reforminggeek - Ha ha. Well, you've covered the gamit on line. So...what's my line? ;)

leelee - That's ok, you're always welcome for hugs!

serena - Funny...I just saw that movie the other day for the first time.

arizona - Ha ha. Now there's another name for Wheel of Fortune! No wonder they made it Greenland.

alex - Excellent. I can even be ruler of my own empty nation!

Anonymous said...

Dang, the walk the line funny is already taken! I replied too late!

Still hilarious VE!

Now I know you HATE, ABHOR, LOATHE to be tagged, so I didn't do that.

BUT, I did leave you a little something at me blog. Go and check it out, if you dare.

Unknown said...

When will those Aussies learn?

I feel your work is essential!

Anonymous said...

Har Har - and LOL. Cool post, and this is a good blog. Hey first timer here, followed a tip from Quirky Loony upon whom I bestowed the "Uber-Amazing" Blogging Star award today. I think your number's up, too pal - better bop over there for some kudos. And I'll be back, fo sho.

Marvin blogs at Free Spirit:
Eye Twitter 2 -

eve cleveland said...

Y'all crost that line and you gone be close to Evecountry. Give me a holla iffin you need anythang a'tall. You hear me? Swing by with the crew, we got plenty room here.

Dale said...

I draw the line at posts about lines! Unless you've got coke?

Ed said...

quirkyloon - I know...these guys take all the good comment lines, don't they! I'll be by shortly...

chris - Aussies learn???? ha Alex will be after me...

marvin - I'm heading over there now! Thanks for visiting!

eve - Weeze all headin to yur place and weeze brought the relatives!

dale - No, alas, I only drink Pepsi.

robkroese said...

Those are some pretty good lines, but these days it's all about zig-zags.

Ed said...

diesel - Doh! I hate it when I'm not up-to-speed on the latest techniques of imaginary skills.

Chris Eldin said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Ed said...

chriseldin - Thanks. Hope you did too!

Maureen said...

Har! And here I was POSITIVE you were going to draw a line in Canada... Phew!

justacoolcat said...

Pure genius. I'm working on the legal paperwork to have all your lines considered International Spaces of Nonesense. And by paperwork I mean fart jokes.

Ed said...

maureen - Naw, I'll leave Canada alone this time around. You know, I used to think Canada would just become a few more states but the way our economy is going, we could become a few more provinces...

justacoolcat - Excellent! I hope that's stinky paperwork...I do so hate paperwork.

MJ said...

Wow. I want to get paid to do imaginary things.

Ed said...

mj - Yep, I always look for the right niches! Next up, Cold Fusion!

Dee said...

can you do squiggly lines too?

Ed said...

dee - Well...they are why not!!! I guess I was just lazy with these...

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