Thursday, August 27, 2009

VE has your Limo Experience

Man, it’s Theme Thursday again? Ok, this week it’s LIMO. VE has been in a limo several times. Usually intoxicated. But it occurred to me that these limo experiences are fantastic nonsense. The more nonsensical they are; the better. So that’s why I went into the business myself…to provide everyone their own limo experience.

VE’s Limo Service has something for all of you. Check it out:

Perhaps you want to start inexpensive. Sort of get your feet wet. We’ve got you covered:

Maybe you want economy in your limo experience. Try our Smart Limo.

Then again, maybe you’re just a cowboy at heart, we’ve got you covered

Too much nature? How about just a little more green with our bamboo limo…

Still too much? Perhaps you’re just a little more earthy. You’ll want to go retro with this

Ok, you’re just a redneck? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

Maybe a car isn’t you’re type of ride at all. Once again, VE Limos is here to serve…

Oh, and don’t worry about water activities, we’ll cover that for you too

We also have our servicemen in mind…

Now most limo experiences should be extravagant. Maybe you’re into bling and want to be seen

Perhaps you want to get in some bowling practice on your limo ride

If you’re into speed and limos, we’ve got a couple options for you. You can try our Ferarri limo…it’s like a ride at the amusement park without the 4 hour line. Don’t worry, the tickets are on our Diplomatic Immunity drivers…

I know…that’s not fast enough for you. You want it all. Try our street legal Indy limos

Finally, you want something so big it’ll make people think you’re driving around in an airplane. We’ll go ahead and do so with our Boeing limo…

Due to prior situations…limo services are subsequently suspended in San Francisco, CA


Mrsupole said...

Hah, first again, I am on a roll.

Mrsupole said...

All right, some of them just made me giggle, but the last one made me LOL. I am so surprised I did not see that one on the news somewhere. That one is just too funny, and the horse one is just too sick.

I still cannot figure out which one I like the most. Yup, I think the last one on the hill is still winning.

Thanks for sharing these and where the heck do you find these pics.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Oh and the reason I just write something really quick if I think I am first....well that is because of that one time I actually read the post first and then waited to post and tied. One just cannot do that and has to be quick on the draw....well so to speak....I have learned my lesson.

God bless again.

Mrsupole said...

And I also know I get no prize, but it is just fun to say it. Haha.

subtorp77 said...

VE, even better! I didn't see the motour-bike one-LOL! Great minds...

Maureen said...

Ahahaha at the SF one!

I have a limo experience... a few years back I was in a stretch limo in Milwaukee leaving GE's Medical Center training facility to the airport. The driver said the fare he just dropped off was The Rolling Stones. They tipped him $ 1200. Needless to say, I hunted that back seat area for anything the boys might have left behind, but nada. Nothing. Not even a ciggy butt. Ah well, still a cool thing.

ReformingGeek said...

Now that motorcycle limo could be an interesting choice for the carpool.

Oops. Where's Johnny? And wasn't Sally sitting in the back today. Alright! Who pushed Sally off the bike...and WHEN?


Gladys said... many does the Oscar Myer Wiener Mobile seat? Cause I'm thinking the foot long version might be considered a stretch.

Quirkyloon said...

Ha ha hee hee!

Only you would come up with a photo of a tank limo! That one really got my funny bone for some reason.

All were good, but the tankimo? The best for moi. hee hee

Anne said...

I have not laughed so much at one of your posts in a very long time. There's a lot of funny there today. And it keeps getting funnier as you scroll down.

I can't pick a single favorite, but the horse and pickup truck are tied.

[still shaking head]

Kurt said...

I think the horse might be fake.

Roy Scribner said...

The V-dub is cool! Er, "sick", er whatever the hipster word is, these days.

VE said...

mrsupole - You are first again! You were safe this time, it looks like the next person was four hours later.

VE said...

subtorp77 - Do we have a smiliar theme? I haven't been out visiting yet...

Megan said...

That bowling alley one - how the heck does it corner??

VE said...

maureen - You should have gathered up all the sweat succretions from the seat. I'm sure there was somebody on ebay that would buy it!

VE said...

reforminggeek - "Who pushed Sally..." Good one. The gnomes are laughing

VE said...

gladys - I think you're right, that's one big weiner...

VE said...

quirkyloon - Plus you don't have to stop for just run 'em over.

VE said...

anne - Don't hurt your neck... you're shaking your head a lot these days! ;)

VE said...

kurt - Ya think? ;)

VE said...

roy - I have no idea what the new phrase is. They never talk anymore; they're too busy texting.

VE said...

megan - VERY wide!

subtorp77 said...

VE, the tanklimo, jetlimo, superstretch caddy (you read my mind-LOL! )...I linked to the tanklimo site; you have got to see it! Especially the "yellow" one ;)

Elizabeth said...

I've never been in a limo, but if I could I would pick the VW bus limo! I'd love to see inside it!

Uncivil said...

Sign me up for the Tank Limo!

Brian Miller said...

ok, ready for the ride...want the mudbogging limo!but if i could get a different driver than the one in the last pic, that would be great. lol.

Dreamhaven said...

Absolutely incredible photos.
If laughter is healing, then this could cure cancer, great TT

mama-face said...

I so look forward to your photos. How do you do it?

The horse; who wouldn't love that horse? ew.


Jill said...

I think the Retro Limo is GROOOOOVY!

Subby said he is not surprised by what humans will make...this is quite the diverse group of motor vehicles!

The Revelationist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Revelationist said...

That's a lot of limos

VE said...

subtorp77 - Yes, we did do a similar theme post this week, didn't we. Limo tanks rule! haha

VE said...

elizabeth - I learned to drive in a VW bus. Not that long of one though...

VE said...

uncivil - Now why does that not surprise me? ;)

Wings said...

Wow - Now that is a lot o' limos!!! I like the horse, although talk about a bad back after a few years! hahahaha

VE said...

brian - Ha...yes, we had to let that last driver go. Rumor has it he drives a smart car now...

VE said...

dreamhaven - Thanks, lots of silliness going on around here. The gnomes make sure of it...

VE said...

mama-face - Who wouldn't love that horse? The guy that has to clean up after the poop!

VE said...

jill - We have a diverse species; I guess it's only natural that they express themselves through limo creation...

VE said...

revelationist - And there are a lot more out there in Theme Thursday land...

VE said...

wings - Yeah, I wouldn't be too happy with three heavy tourists riding me...

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I've seen one of those bug limos recently.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Great sales pitch! I reckon that's why you don't see many stretch limos in SF. -Jayne

VE said...

perpetual chocoholic - I wonder if they have air conditioning or heat; the original never seemed to...

harnett-hargrove - Come to think of it; I don't remember ever seeing any there.

Tom said...

awesome limos. Let's get an infinitly long blogger limo that spans several time zones so we can all party together with Grey Poupon.

Roy said...

Heh, heh! That's quite a collection. When I was on YouTube looking for videos for this week, I saw some of these (they have video views of limos as well as songs when you put "limousine" in the search box). I saw the airplane one, and that long black sportscar. I didn't see the extended VW Bug, though - definitely cool. One that I did see was a Mini Cooper limo. Now that's something different!

Skip Simpson said...

I love your selection of pictures, and your sense of humor in the descriptions! Great job!

VE said...

tom - Yes, that's what we need...a blogger limo to party on! Wohoo

roy - That would be a maxi cooper wound't it?

skip - Thanks. We have a lot of dumb fun around here; join the gang!

Ronda Laveen said...

That limo in SF, ouch! Hurt my undercarriage.

Blogger limo party? Yea!

otin said...

I laughed at the redneck limo! haha!

Jaime said...

those are great! how much to hire the redneck limo to take me for a ride to the local 7-11 for some slurpees?

Kris said...

That's more like it.

VE said...

ronda - Well why not a blogger limo party. It would be fun!

otin - That is ingenious, isn't it?

jaime - Only a couple of bucks or a six pack of beer. There's quite a waiting list though...

kris - My usual nonsense...

Baino said...

You have simply proved my point, limos are more arse than 'clarse'! Still a tiny, little, slightly blingy rappery piece of me wants one that's totally pimpin' (I did not say that!)

subtorp77 said...

VE, that parody....fantastical! But you did mention the gnomes, so there go your residuals-LOL! And the patriotic one is so spot on, wot?

Too, I voted and I want one of those Bigwheels!!

Serena said...

I kind of like the equine limo. Not sure what the horse thinks about it.:)

VE said...

baino - Ha! I should have known you'd secretly go for the bling one...

subtorp77 - I know, the gnomes get grumpy if I don't mention them every so often. Sheesh

serena - He's thinkin if it keeps him from glue...he'll tolerate

Hit 40 said...

I love the redneck limo!! Very nice. The wiener mobile needs a limo. You know...

the oscar hot dog mobile?? It could be an extra long, extra wide wiener!! What girl would not want to ride an extra wide and long hot dog?

Thank you for the word on tomorrow's post :-)

VE said...

hit 40 - I have no comment on the girl/weiner riding thing other than to say that size does matter!

Starrlight said...

Ok I totally want that VW bus. That is RAD! I'd take out all the back seats and make it an RV. Hell yes.

Candie Bracci said...

Really cool!:)

mark said...

So Funny! I was just looking for limo hire for my wedding but then there are a few hills! I reckon my Mrs to be would take the horse if she saw these!

Dee said...

I loved this post, Thanks for the laugh, the horse was the best one, or was it the redneck one?

VE said...

starrlight - That would be a nice RV! About as RVish as I'd go.

mark - Thanks for dropping in. I don't get many random hits from google...

dee - It's hard to beat either one!

Janna said...

The horse is hilarious, but for some reason I especially love the Indy cars.
I have a special spot in my heart for Indy car racing.
It's the only sport that doesn't make me bored enough to daydream about death.

Hit 40 said...

Size definitely matters!!!

VE said...

janna - Back in California I once witnessed an Indy like car being chased by three police cars at high speed through the windy narrow roads that descend into Carmel, CA. Weird

hit40 - I keep sayin' it...

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Ha! I love that horse!! Or is that a donkey? The best, though, is the VW Bus! My first vehicle was a bright red VW Bus with red, white & blue curtains. I rocked the high school!! (as a dork, that is...)

lime said...

i'm not really a limo kinda gal but that vw bus limo spoke to me.

VE said...

arizona - Wow, you had a pretty cool vehicle for high school! I had the bug; very uncool.

lime - That seemed to have been the most popular of the choices.

Carla said...

That thing in front of 7-11 is a redneck limo if I ever saw one.

VE said...

carla - That ones in your home town, isn't it?

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