Friday, January 01, 2010

The first Post of the Decade

With our perfectionists celebrated (and gnome abused), I’d like to take the beginning of the year to reflect on the rest of my readers. After that, it’s all humor and insanity around here again. I’ve got more letters to finish (I’m only up to N). I might have more blog spoofs to do. I’m sure I’ll come up with a few crazy participatory ideas along the way as well so be prepared. Meanwhile, let’s stroll down the blog roll memory lane…

Gladys – She’s another one that found me right before the end of the year and has been almost nearly perfect for the entire year. I liked to trick people by throwing in an occasional weekend post just to drive them nuts. Gladys is known for her wacky posts on the police reports of goings on around her area and they’re pretty damn odd. Bonus is that she also leaves VE-like snarky comments for a lot of them. The gnomes like that. For some reason she also can’t seem to get comments accepted easily even though the spammers seem to have no problem. I refuse to put on word verification!

Quirkyloon – I’m not sure how quirky found me. It might have been through humorbloggers as she is also a member. I might have been doing some blog surfing. But quirky has been on here since April 2007 and was a player in 2008 with 35 comments and this year she kicked butt. She’s got a zany blog and more “blog awards” than Jack Nicholson has Oscars. Plus, nobody can sing me a song lyric like quirky. Good thing blogs don’t have actual sound… ;)

Jaime – Jaime is another blogger that found me in 2009 and she’s been really, really consistent to have made the top 5, wow! Jaime is a lawyer and I don’t hold it against her. I haven’t even made too many lawyer humor posts for some reason. She’s got an awesome vampire story going on at her blog. I rarely have the time for longer stories but her writing sucks me in (ok, pun intended).

Reforminggeek – My Texas connection has been reading for awhile now because she scored 59 in 2008. Granted, most of my readers discovered me sometime in 2008 or 2009, but she’s been a constant commenter here ever since. She’s also a humor blogger and runs races all around the world (ok, at least in Texas). She might have as many “blog awards” as quirky. They seem inseparable. I hope this wasn’t MY doing! But they are both humorbloggers so maybe I cannot be blamed when they come along singing “Sisters…sisters…” (and we won’t finish THAT song).

Megan – What can I say about Megan? She’s brought me more readers than anybody. Period! (although her brother found my blog first back in Sep 2006! So I owe him big time too) She has a family and friend network that is bigger than some states. She was also number six in 2008 so she’s a veteran VE reader. She got me started in Theme Thursday and I’ve enjoyed those immensely (to the point of sometimes submitting two entries: one humor, one serious fiction). She’s a great friend and one of the few that got to peak at my horrific first draft manuscript of my first book. If only I could “take back” that embarrassment and send a fresh version latter…

Maureen – Maureen is also a long time reader having made the top 15 in 2008 too. You already know her trick is to sweep in and leave comments on a whole batch of posts as she catches up for the week (or weeks). She lives waaay too far north in Canada; somewhere up where the tundra is I suspect but I’ve never been that far North in Canada so I have no idea. She’s got a great blog and dials back in time to point out some fun stuff from time to time. She’s also a nut of a collector. I thought I was bad. I know I’ll get corrected should I get something wrong about Star Wars too.

Perpetual Chocoholic – She started right at the end of 2008 with a single comment and then kicked butt in 2009. She happens to be an awesome artist and features her drawings and paintings on her blog. I admire anyone who can do something I cannot. She’s very into art books (don’t tell her I once had the opportunity to purchase a significant art-book collection but the size intimidated me and I directed them to Powell Books instead).

Kurt – I consider Kurt a friend that I’ve never met! Kurt has left more comments on my blog than any other reader. He’s been commenting here since Sep 2006; second only to Kanrei in active bloggers that still read and comment here. Kurt had one of the funniest blogs out there and my personal favorite…until he removed it. I hope that you got to enjoy it while it was there. Enjoy the break Kurt, you’ve earned it. I hope you come back renewed at some point. Meanwhile, you’re always welcome here!

Mrsupole – What can I say, the queen of comments this year. She hasn’t been blogging much (probably shoulder pain related) but go back and read her series called Opal Nation. Wonderful story. I hope some day she gets the chance to finish more of it. Meanwhile, keep on being first, last or inbetween; it matters not really as long as your at the lunacy party we call Fantastical Nonsense.

Camping Blogger – Roy is the only blogger I’ve ever met in person. Only he can attest that I am a real person. The gnomes are paying him to deny it, of course. Roy lived here in my home town so he catches some of my references that others probably wouldn’t. I also lived in the Bay area briefly and that’s where he lives now. He’s got a terrific useful blog on camping with the family and the host of products to consider. I think it’s a great niche and he’s making it successful. I consider him a friend and he’s always welcome to drink 25 more beers than me in a single night! I’m such a lightweight…

Incredible woody – She came to my blog in 2008 and quickly ran up the rankings that year so it is no surprise to find her in the upper echelon of this last year’s ranking too. She travels with Vol Fan doing something golf related I think (no, not Tiger though). It might be something else, I’m terrible at getting things right. What I do know is that the wifey-poo has a soft spot in her heart for her dogs…

Lime – Lime is a two year contender too. She was in the top 10 in 2008 and way up here in 2009 where things are really tough to stay up on. Plus, she went and got a job. I warned her. I tried to talk sense in to her. But nooooo…mortgages and food seem to take a higher priority than blogging. Lime’s had quite a year of changes and challenges too and she’s still visiting! Bless her for that. And if you want to see somebody shred a me-me; give it to her!

Ronda – She isn’t really too far from me and I’ve been all around where she lives. My very first girlfriend ever lives in Redding. She’s been an inspiration toward my writing and was also one of the few to endure my “rough” first manuscript of my book. She’s also torn up the ranks on the blog roll all year long. Well done!

Serena – What can I say, Serena started visiting back in June of 2007 and has been steadily commenting ever since. She’s commented on more posts in a year than anyone having won the 2008 year when I did a few more posts than I currently do. I’m guilty of not visiting her blog as much as I’d like lately (as with so many unfortunately) but she comes by nonetheless. Serena is a long-time reader and friend.

Uncivil – He’s been visiting regularly since Aug of 2007 and it’s been a lot of fun. Who would have thought a staunch republican and a bleeding heart liberal idealist could co-exist? I give him a hard time but enjoy his visits and reading his blog when I get the opportunity. Here’s to another crazy year!

Anne – Anne goes clear back to June 2007 and she’s done a lot of commenting in both 2008 and 2009. Plus she travels as much as I do and so I’m jealous when she’s off somewhere and I’m not! Of course, unemployment as it is, it might slow down my travel plans a little bit (well, world plans…I’m in Sun Valley in January and San Francisco in Feb). I look forward to seeing you throughout the new decade!

Nessa – She was visiting here back when she was Goldenib in Aug 2007. Nessa will fly up the rankings and then suddenly disappear for awhile only to come storming back again. She’s another writer friend that I’ll probably call upon in any of my writing pursuits to abuse her advice.

Beth – Beth, you’ve had a tough year, girl and you enjoy my humor as much as I enjoy making you smile and wash away some of the year. She’ll disappear occasionally to fight bears at some cabin somewhere in Canada but she always comes back for a visit and I enjoy reading her introspective posts. She’s another big time book reader and so I may bounce writing project thoughts off of her in the future too. Ah, the abuse…

Subby – Subby’s relatively new to my blog having been introduced this year; probably through Theme Thursday but he feels like an old friend and really makes the blog into a community within the comments. Subby is always there with a compliment and a reference to something I know or should know. It’s been a great time with him around and I missed him while he was away with computer problems this fall. You never know what you’re gonna get music-wise when you visit his blog too.

Jeff – What can I say, Jeff is a week younger than I am and so we have a lot of similar experiences. We were even in the same industry and fairly similar jobs. Ok, I’ll never match his willingness to humiliate himself on his blog but I try. Jeff is one of the nicest bloggers out there and I consider him a good friend. We’ve partnered on posts and he’s impersonated me successfully as I have him on each of our blogs. I look forward to more fun times in the future too.

Jacki – She’s a lot of fun because we both like traveling a lot and I just like her solid family blog that she shares. She’s also a bit feisty. She’s like a kid sister I never had. I’m glad to see Peter and her are doing good and I hope she gets back into her blog some in 2010 although it’s tough to balance everything; I know.

Baino – She’s torn up the ranks of my blog roll in 2009. I like having some blog friends in other countries. Reminds me not to get so damn USA-fixated and that there are more places in the world than here. I should know; I’ve been to many of them. She lives in Australia and I so want to get there but I want to do it when I have some time to enjoy it. It’ll come. And when it does, I’m definitely visiting all of the virtual and real friends I’ve made that live there.

Carla – If I’m the yin, Carla is the yang. Her blog is so fresh and inspiring and her pictures are dazzling and her quotes and poetry are thought provoking. Mine are just amusing and funny. Carla has been around here for a long time and then she disappears because she too loves to travel and be outdoors. Haven’t seen her much this fall/winter so I hope she’ll get back over this year.

Dee – Dee’s pretty close by…just up near Seattle. She shares a lot of her family on her blog and so I feel that I know a little bit of her family by following her blog. Dee did pretty well in 2008 and even better in the 2009 blog roll. It’s nice to have some other Pacific NW bloggers around.

Moooooog35 – What can I say about moooooog35 here? He’s got one of the funniest, most outrageous humor blogs around. He’s the master of all poo related humor and if you want to beg for puppies and rainbows, visit some of HIS photos for awhile; you’ll think mine are quite tame.

Chris Wood – Chris went off and got domesticated or got trapped in the garden and disappeared for awhile but it looks like he’s back on occasion. Chris is a writer and I even own his Sherlock Holmes book he wrote. I enjoy his humor; I don’t know that I can categorize it as British humor even if he is British but I am partial to most British humor for some reason. Let’s just say he’s a funny guy!

Arizona – I covered Arizona in the remembrance post but she came and actually commented on it. Nice of her. I suspect life caught up with her and two blogs was just too much. Arizona has always been a source of encouragement for me.

Leelee – I miss having Leelee’s energy and fun around the blog. She got off on Facebook to keep track of her ever growing family of grandkids and friends and its taken her away from blogging. The gnomes warned you, Leelee! She drops in from time to time to say hello though.

Brian – I got introduced to Brian through the Theme Thursdays and have visited on many occasions. Brian reminds me of me earlier on in that he’s just everywhere leaving comments on blogs. I can’t keep that kind of pace anymore but I can appreciate the effort he must put in to do so. Brian writes beautiful words and conveys descriptive images and stories. He’s one of the nicest people in all of blogdome and his comment count per post shows it!

Nursemyra – Another of my secret Australian connections and how can I not follow her with her Friday corset and T-shirt features to keep me taking hot showers. Fortunately the wifey-poo is in the know and nursemyra is as witty and prolific in her posts as she is sexy in her features. She’s got a big following too so I feel privileged that she takes the time to comment here as well. I know full well its hard to maintain comment contact with so many.

Candie – I would have thought that Candie got introduced to my blog through Theme Thursday and has come a visiting for some of my other regular posts as she’s really climbed through the blog roll in 2009 but when I look back into the archives, she actually commented once clear back in Aug 2007, long before I ever started hanging with the theme Thursday crowd. I probably scared her back then because it was awhile before she came back. Probably needed backup…

Alex – Alex is another Australian and was a regular in 2008 and somewhat in 2009 but I wrote that of late he’s disappeared. It was nice of him to make an appearance as a result though. He’s got a great wit in his comments. He writes a lot of his own fiction that he featured on his blog.

Chowner – Free the Unicorns was a great humor blog (hope it still is). His humor was a lot like mine and he was one of my impersonators back in the spring. I hope he comes back to the blog world (or at least a visit from time to time).

Starrlight – The crazy thing is that she’s right her in my home town and we’ve never even met. We joke about the miserable weather online though. She’s got the music scene here down; and there’s a decent music scene in Portland these days. Well, she’d know better than me. It’s fun to read some of her rants and comments; she’s got a sharp, edgy sense of humor.

Dalton – You think my photos come from some other planet or wonder where in the world I found them? Well Dalton is a master of finding crazy, unusual photos that are just hilarious. I should learn from him.

Matt-man – What can I say about the matt-man? He’s a sharp guy; sharper than me, I know that. He’s also really generous and twice as prolific as me. He posts every single day and as such, we started nearly on the same day blogging and he’s been over a thousand posts for awhile now; makes me feel like a slacker. But that’s ok with me anyway. Matt helped me out trying to win the humorblogger of the year “popularity” contest and he’s always been there for me. A good internet friend.

Yellojkt – He was the first to comment in 2009 and did a fair amount of commenting early on during the year. He does a lot of traveling; perhaps more than I do and his travelogues are first rate. He also does a great job of comparing two like things on his blog. Great guy.

Gab – I featured her in my missing portion of the remembrance post. She found my blog right before the 2009 start and was flawless commenting for the first month or so and then life caught up with her. She came back a few times but hasn’t been blogging for a couple of months now. Hope she’s doing well, though.

Sarah – Sarah has been blogging regularly and commenting on here for a couple of years now. In fact, I just saw a comment from her this last week or so. It’s good to hear from her again. A lot of my blogging friends I remember making blog spoofs for this past year. I need to get on with more of those but they are time consuming and I needed a break after doing over 50 of them.

Self Deprechaun – He commented nearly flawlessly early on in 2009 and then sort of disappeared later but he’s in and out of his own blog and if I visit for awhile then he tends to come back and return the favor. One of those cases where I wish I had the time to get around the blogs regularly but I just can’t manage it.

Unfinished Rambler – He has a really nice write up of me for the humorblogger web site and continues to drop by from time to time and check in on the blog. I know he doesn’t agree with my blog roll concept and I respect that. There’s a place for all styles of blogging.

Prefers her fantasy life – Meg put me on as one of her blog crushes once. That was nice of her. I didn’t know I was of blog crush caliber. Can I get a poster deal too? Meg pops in and out of the blog on occasion as she has for a couple of years now. She’s another good source of music and book knowledge.

Bonnie the boss – With five kids, I don’t know how she even managed to crank out the 40 comments she had here over the course of 2009 but she did. Now that’s dedication! She drops by every now and then to say hi and leave a comment.

Mike – Spaz is another humorblogger with an outrageous and funny blog. He and moooooog35 are always going at it on something. Mike went through the same experience I had with those angry, mean “Ask and ye Shall Receive” folks during a blog review. It’s not that they reamed his blog so much (of course they did) but the comments section were particularly ridiculous and I went over to defend him and his efforts. Those guys just need to figure out humor blogs or stop reviewing them because Mike’s is a funny blog.

Bazza – His blog is misleading because he isn’t back yet. That’s ok, he comes and then he goes again. Bazza is from England and he features a lot of nature photos and bird photos that he takes himself. I enjoy the different geographies from my own by visiting his blog.

MJ – She hasn’t been around in awhile but she’s was a very frequent visitor in 2008 and early 2009. She got married and probably has been busy with life since then so I don’t fault her for that. Still, the gnomes miss her around here.

Chris Eldin – Chris is perhaps one of my biggest writing fans. She was tremendous help on my initial manuscript effort and has had a lot of good input to help me along the way from direct opinions and encouragement to links and insight. She’s a writer herself and is well read too. I’ve enjoyed emailing her for a long time and though she’s taking a break right now from blogging to continue with her writing, I know I’ll be corresponding with her on a great many things in the future; she’s a good friend.

Angie – I’m amazed to even find a comment from angie these days but here just this last week was one. She has a big family to take care of and her mommy blogging leaves her with something like 150 comments for a single post; that’s way above my league, I’ve never cracked the 100 mark. She lived in Portland but fled down to sunny LA awhile back. I can’t fault her for leaving the rain and cold but I’ll bet she missed the Portland summers; you can’t beat them anywhere in the USA in my book.

Wings – He’s one of my fellow theme Thursday group who’s graciously visited other posts while visiting my weekly theme ones. I can count on him dropping a comment by on a weekly basis.

Kanrei – He’s my longest still-active bloggers that visit here. He started just ahead of Kurt back on Aug 31, 2006 back when my blog sucked. Well, I had a few good things from time to time but its taken time to hone my humor and writing skills into the ridiculousness that it is today. Kan’s been there through nearly all of it although he’s been slacking with Facebook and whatnot this last six months or so. Don’t worry, I’ll hold him accountable!

Bunk – Bunk has a great blog to enjoy. Sometimes my kids and I will sit down and pour through his posts and archives and laugh at the crazy photos and videos he’s found and some of the posts he does. I can’t believe more don’t enjoy and comment on his blog. Great guy!

Quickroute – When it comes to traveling, I’ve been around…but quickroute is the real deal. He’s always traveling. He’s been in twice as many countries as I have and I’ve been to 40 different. He’s also stayed far longer in most than I have. I’m jealous, of course. But he’s a fun guy and very nice so I’ll temper the jealousy and enjoy his stories of his travels because they’re a pleasure to read and experience.

Thinkinfyou – Another one of my hot babes that are also wickedly funny that the wife-poo reluctantly lets me read. I love it when she’s flipping me off on her blog. Oh yeah, she flips everybody off…it’s isn’t just for what I’m imagining. But seriously, she’s got a great edgy humor blog and she’s fun with the comments when she comes visiting.

Colby – She’s messin’ with me this year. She’s commented a lot in 2008 and a fair amount in 2009 but I gotta go visit her for her to visit me. Only fair! I like her posts; she always has a side note. I actually look for it when I read her posts. She’s got interesting points of view too; unusual stuff that I would have thought of too. Scary. She’s not afraid to do crazy videos either; that’s where I draw the line. You won’t be seeing VE in any videos anytime soon. He knows better. But she can act so she can pull them off!

Lifeshighway – How can I not love her blog? She’s got more gnomes in it than even I do. It’s awesome. Her blog is a participatory contest blog where you take pictures of the lawn garden figures as you drive around; you know, sort of like texting while you’re driving but you get something out of it at the end rather than just the collision damage from not watching the road. Anyway, gnomes are the highest of points…as they should be! I’m definitely going to try and find some time to play this next summer.

Monica – Monica hails from Denmark, I believe. You know, that happy country where everyone is stress free and life is good. I enjoy getting some European perspectives here. Occasionally she’ll also sneak in and beat mrsupole to the “first” because of her strategic time zone advantage. Of course, since mrsupole never sleeps, that’s easier said than done.

Tom – He’s another of the theme Thursday gang and usually stops by for each of those that I enter. I like his blog name because I’ve run into some pretty twisted moose in my time. Not that live near any, mind you, but I’ve been up to Alaska many a time and so I too have my moose encounter stories.

Chris – Angry Seafood is a hilarious blog and Chris is one of the best blog interviewers out there for humor bloggers. Not that there’s much competition but I really enjoy his questions and we have similar tastes in humor. Chris was one of my impersonators that pulled it off with ease.

Mama-face – She was new in 2009 and climbed a fair ways up the blog roll so I expect big things of her in 2010. Watch out though, these readers here are seasoned professionals. Sadly I have not visited enough either. There are some deep posts there and I was fascinated in reading some of them just recently. I will definitely be visiting again.

Angelmay – She’s been moving up my 2009 blog roll faster than anybody else. Of course, the higher one goes the harder it is to move up when the year is almost over. I’m not sure if she found my blog through theme Thursdays or through humorbloggers but I’m glad she’s come forth and left me so many nice comments. Keep it up in 2010!

Kris – He’s from Tasmania. I’d love the chance to visit there. Kris has some interesting observations and a lot of local photos that I love to look at because I’m fascinated with travel and geography. I enjoy reading his point of views too.

Kevin – He kind of disappeared back in October after visiting here for a fair amount. He had lots of interest focus posts, some crazy photos and even some hotties for me to look at on there. I enjoyed his blog.

Sornie – Sornie been commenting here on occasion for a couple of years. The blog is chalk full of lots of stuff. I enjoyed catching up with some music videos recently but there’s a full potpourri of pop culture and focus here.

Deb – She’s my Portland connection…from the East Coast side. All thing Maine on her blog and she’s fun to visit as I’ve never been to Maine. (I know, you want to sing that Three Dog Night song, “Well I’ve never been Maine…but I kinda like the chowder, the ladys are insance, what’s in their mascara powder…ok, I might have made that up). Yes, deb does drivel right! I like it. My kind of humor. My kind of woman.

Padraig – He was the first to discover my blog back in Nov 2006, well before his sister did. Alas, I pooped out on the blog spoofs before I made it to his. We’ll get that corrected some time in 2010, don’t worry. Haven’t heard from him in awhile but he’ll be around again I’m sure. His family are blogging powerhouses and have a huge network of bloggers. I’m honored that they visit!

Mrs R – She comes around with a nice comment from time to time and she’s been visiting late in 2009. I hope she gets by in 2010 too. She’s got some interesting travel posts and perspectives and some funny stuff too. A good read.

Silver Fox – Another introductee from the theme Thursdays. I enjoy a lot of the historical aspects of his blog. I’m big into history so I’m probably biased but he tells a good story. I hope to see him stopping by from time to time in 2010 as well. I know I’ll definitely try to do the same.

Ettarose – She’s one of my fellow humorblogger colleagues. She’s done a lot of the event coordinations for the group and runs her own humor blog as well. It’s a lot of fun. How can it not be, gumby is right there on the banner! That’s a plus in my book.

The blonde – She visited during part of 2009 and though I haven’t seen her for awhile, I hope she’s doing good. Looks like her blog is current. I’m sure life’s keeping her busy as well as she home schools her kids. I’m barely able to manage to get my kids to school, much less actually teach them something. I salute her for that!

Emmak – Oh yes. She’s my favorite naughty Brit! I love her posts on sexuality and her no-punch pulled attitude on covering subjects. I know she’s in the process of writing/publishing several books and I’m anxious to know how that’s going. There’s just never enough time to keep up with everything. But I sneak over to her blog for a peep every now and then and I’ll continue to do so (with wifey-poo approval, of course).

California Girl – She’s been commenting consistently and steady late in 2009 and so I expect to see her again in 2010. I suspect she found me through theme Thursday but I can’t be sure of it. It might be awhile before I get some visits as she’s going through a big move and adjustment right now. Having moved twice in three years I know how that goes. I’m amazed you can even comment or blog at all.

Willow – I was introduced to her blog (and vice versa) through theme Thursday. She’s got a collection of poetry, photos, recipes and stories on her blog. It’s a good break for me from all the humor. I enjoy a wide variety of blogs and the artistic and expression blogs are enjoyable to read as well.

C – She hasn’t visited as much in 2009 as she did in 2008 but then again, she’s got a baby to care for now. Still, she’s a lot of fun to visit and get a comment from. She lives on an island with her family and so its interesting to get the rural perspective (though she is a city girl). I hope she’ll have time to visit on occasion in 2010 but I’ll understand why if she doesn’t.

Marianna – I mistakenly reported her as missing in my remembrance post but she’s still around. I had some linking problems and thought her blog was gone. Glad it isn’t. I’ve never been to Greece and so I like visiting someone who is from there. She’s got a good collection of posts on her blog. I’m sure I’ll see her back on theme Thursdays in the future.

Ryan – Ryan is a professional writer and I think he found me via a comment I left on a popular literary agent’s blog over a writing contest. He’s stuck around for quite a few posts too. Perhaps I’m not as much of a dunce writer after all. Hope he continues to read and comment in 2010.

Teeni – She’s been on a roll commenting late in 2009. I expect she’ll continue in 2010 as well although from her blog it sounds like that will come to an end sometime next summer. Perhaps I can con her into visiting even if she gives up her own blogging.

Hale McKay – Hale has been visiting for a long time here (since June 2007). His own blog(s) are going strong too. I know I’ll see him from time to time in 2010 as well.

CatLadyLarew – She’s been a steady commenter late in 2009 so I’ll expect to see lots of her in 2010 too. She’s part of the humorblogger gang and has irresistible kittens featured right on her blog banner. So next time you’re whining here for “puppies and rainbows” you can at least get a kitty fix at her blog.

Winky twinky – She disappeared back in October. I don’t have any interesting story although I haven’t done a CSI investigation of the blog scene yet. Hope she’s doing well.

Nonamedufus – Both a humorblogger and theme Thursday participant, he’s one funny guy. I suspect that was actually him as a child stuck up on the clothesline though. I’m positive I’ll see him visiting from time to time in 2010. I know I’ll drop by his blog too.

Cathouse teri – Haven’t seen her here in a long while but she’s done a lot of commenting here at Fantastical Nonsense. I hope she’ll visit again in 2010 and make the blog roll. I’ll have to bribe her, perhaps.

Roy – Roy is another theme Thursday colleague. We share a common reality of unemployment too. Ok, in my case I enjoy it, but I think Roy would rather be out there with incoming money. I understand. His blog is full of some great photography of pictures he’s taken. You should go over and check them out.

And while I’d love to feature ALL my visitors from the year…I just don’t have the time to continue down past anyone that only commented under 15 times over the year. Commenting does have its privileges although for the rest of you; I’m truly honored that you visited in 2009 as well and hope you’ll do so in 2010.

Now let’s get on with the humor!!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Yay I am first! Thanks for the laughs! I need them.

Bonnie the Boss said...

BTW, you are a very dedicated blogger. I am amazed with all you know about your readers, way to do your homework!

Anonymous said...

Therd! Happy New Year, brrrro.

Mrsupole said...

Dang, I was too busy ringing in the New Year, so will just be in the inbetween first.

Great post about everyone. I think I better get over this cold I have had for a few weeks now and get back to blogging before I go into the Dead Zone of Bloggyworld again. Got lots of work to do. Organize my brain, but most of all sleep, sleep, and then sleep some more. Yeah, like that is gonna happen.

Happy New Year to everyone. You are all the best "commenters" group around.

Great job VE about all of our blogs. Can't wait for the humor to begin.

God bless.

tony said...

Happy New Year VE. Bestest Wishes For 2010.Regards From Tony.

Anonymous said...

Aw gee VE! And I think it was Theme Thursday( which that gets back to Megan, as she introduced many of us to it ). Happy 2010 to you, yours and the gnomes :)

Dot-Com said...

What a fun post to read - a review of blogger friends. Hopefully they'll all comment and add to the fun.

I got your comment on my blog and would of course be honored to be on your blog roll :)

Happy writing in 2010!

Jasmine said...

What a lovely way to introduce your blogging friends. Some of these names I recognise through Theme Thursday which I discovered late in the year. I have enjoyed the creative prompts and look forward to joining n again in 2010.

Happy New Year to you!

Beth said...

You never cease to amaze me – with your humour and now with your knowledge of all your devoted readers.
Truly bizarre – I had a dream of a black bear last night. It attacked me. I won. ;)

leelee said...

Happy New Year VE. Thank you for including me in your list..even though I have been an errant Blogger..

I'm looking forward to making it closer to the top of your "regular readers" list this year..

You always make me smile. Hope 2010 is a great year for you!


Candie said...

LOL,no you never scared me!Well..a little!I'm kidding!Yes your blog was among one of the first I have followed I remember.I don't remember how I discovered it.I think it was via another blog.Well Happy New Year VE!All the best to you from France ;)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Well VE! Happy New Year to you! I I have enjoyed popping in via Theme Thursday and hope to continue doing so in good ole 2010!!!!
Best wishes!

Tom said...

Happy NY, VE...hope to keep up with you all year long...see you on TT and around blogland! said...

Wow! I'm honored to have gotten a shout out here! And in such august company. Here's to 2010 and a year of fun! (Hope to rise in your blog roll in the new year!)

Unfinished Rambler said...

I know many of these folks from Humorbloggers Dot Com. It doesn't mean I like 'em, but I know 'em. ;) No, really, I like MOST of them. The ones I don't, I probably don't know. Anyway, how did I discover you? I don't know...but I've rarely stopped following you. Yes, there was that ONE POST, you know the one, that really irked me and I decided to drop you for a while...;) Okay, again, not really, I like most of your posts. Anyway <-- I like saying that a lot, Happy New Year, dude, and look forward to a great 2010 with you and your cast of crazy gnomes. :)

Claremont First Ward said...

Oh my starts, VE.

What an incredible amount of work you put into this post making all of us feel totally special and ready to comment every. single. day in 2010 just so we can move up the list and read what you have to say about us next year. :)

The summers in Portland are the best, and I still maintain that Portland is one of the prettiest places in the world.

Happy NEw Year.

Wings1295 said...

Wow! Awesome tribute to your friends and fellow bloggers, and a great way to kick of the new year! Here's to a 2010 full of fun & friendship!

I Am Woody said...

Happy New Year, VE!!

New Yorker wannabes said...

Still here and wishing you a happy, healthy and creative new year!

May all your dreams come true and let...2010 begin lol


Anonymous said...

Wow. That was one LONG post Dude! Thanks for the shout-out!

I'm still hoping you'll have a giveaway and give gnome away.

I want a gnome. Badly.

hee hee

Happy New Year VE!

California Girl said...

VE: this is impressive to say the least. I'd be here all day and night if I editorialized my readers. You are amazing.

Plus, I don't want to be left off the blogroll. hahahahahaha!

thx for the mention. Happy new year!

Uncivil said...

Now I'm gonna have to change the words to Hank's song "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight""All My Liberal Friends Are Comming Over Tonight"?

No wait a minute....shouldn't it be...."All My Liberal Friends Are Overthrowing us Tonight"????LOL!!

You are one frikkin amazing blogger VE? I don't know how you do it?
Thanks for havin' my staunch ass on the blogroll man!!!!!!

Mike said...

Wow! Most of those blogs I read, which leads me to ask, "Why do I not read your blog?" The answer is simple! I am lazy and use the blogs I follow list as a guide to where I go. When blogs don't have a button to click on and follow, often I just do not take the time to copy the url and put it in my reader! I will rectify that!!

Happy 2010!

Scott said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to a new year of entertaining posts!

lime said...

what a varied list of readers. very cool. and though i wish i were independently wealthy or could make a million bucks as a blogger, yes, the mortgage and food does motivate. nonetheless i look forward to reading you consistently in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, you leave me breathless. No really, a girl could use some oxygen here!

Roy Scribner said...

Longest VE post of 2010!

Gladys said...

I may not be first on your comments but i made it first on your Blog. Yeah ME! Take that you firsters!

Ok VE I'm ready what does this year hold for us?

Anonymous said...

Didn't know if you were aware of this tune, VE but I know the gnomes are :) Cheers!

RLM Cooper said...

Happy New Year, VE -- and a very prosperous adn healthy one for you, too!

Chris C said...

Thanks for the props buddy. :)

I think I need to get the interview feature back up and running. They are a lot of fun to do.

ReformingGeek said...

That was great, VE! Thank you for mentioning me and

I think I found you from humorbloggers but I'm not sure.

There are so many great folks that read your blog. I will never get caught up.

You'd better watch that Quirky. Her zombie side might eat that gnome.

Baino said...

Aww so many blogs and so little time. I'd love to link to them all but just can't get round to them. Thanks for the heads up VE and hopefully by the time you get down here, I'll be settled, retired and a willing tour guide. Great blog. Super fun and I'll be watching your shenanigins my boy! I actually came through a completely unrelated blog and so glad I did. Theme Thursday's been good to a lot of us I think, great little community indeed. All the best for 2010. I still don't know what we're going to call it, the Tennies just doesn't sound right!

Janna said...

"I admire anyone who can do something I cannot."

I can play the harp, watch the Weather Channel for 12 hours straight, eat an entire large pizza, consistently forget where Bolivia is, eat habanero peppers, and write music for brass quintets and orchestras.

Does any of that count?

I might be able to bump up the Weather Channel thing to 13 hours, if need be.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Okay, I'm ready for this year! I'm going for one of the top spots. Just warning ya;-)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Oh! And by the way the gnome on the side with his heinie showing....ewwwwww!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that your wife has a problem with you reading my blog. I don't write pornographically...often! Thanks for the shout out! Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that your wife has a problem with you reading my blog. I don't write pornographically...often! Thanks for the shout out! Happy New Year!!

Ronda Laveen said...

VE: You are too hard on yourself for the quality of your first draft of your manuscript. You truly have a golden nuggent of a novel there. You just have to keep polishing it, just like every other author on this planet, until it shines through.

I've been reading the Janet Reid-Literary Agent blog lately. Lots of great tips for aspiring authors. Are you familiar with her?

Elizabeth said...

Wow, what a great review of the blogs you follow!

ryan field said...

You really are one of the great personal bloggers I've found. And I've been interviewing personal bloggers for five years now.

Nice Post!

Serena said...

You have such a great and diverse bunch of people among your following. Happy New Year, VE.:)

Cuppa Jo said...

Nicely done. Now I have to go look all these people up.

Dee said...

I've always enjoyed your amuse me!

Carla said...

Just walked in the door. Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

@Janna~ please tell me you're kidding about that weather channel thing? Kidding? Yes?

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Thanks for the vicarious introductions... and some confirmations. -J

Sarah said...

Happy New Year VE!!

MommyHeadache said...

Darling, I'm trying to tone down being so naughty as I have a tongue in cheek parenting book coming out in october. I will be back more I was busy writing the book. Happy 2010!xxx

Janna said...

@subby: Sadly, no. Back when I had cable TV in 1995, I once watched The Weather Channel for 12 hours straight.

Anonymous said...

back@Janna--that could be considered self-torture to-day...just saying...

Megan said...

Here's to another year of Fantastical Nonsense!

Ed said...

bonnie - Wow...nice move. The first of the firsts of the decade! You showed them! Happy New Year!

bunk - Ha! You sneak in here early! Happy New Year!

mrsupole - Shocked to find you here in the middle! But you're here and that's all that matters. Happy New Year!

tony - Same to you. I'll see you over on Theme Thursday for more nonsense (well...I do the nonsense). Happy New Year!

subby - The gnomes give you a thumbs up; they never get wished a happy new year. Happy New Year!

dot-com - You see, I pesture each of them until they relent and comment at least once. Yes, I'm that obnoxious! Happy New Year!

jasmine - I got into Theme Thursday when it got formally created but they'd been doing it earlier than that so I have no idea how long it had been around. dot-com - You see, I pesture each of them until they relent and comment at least once. Yes, I'm that obnoxious! Happy New Year!

beth - I can believe that. Don't mess with you when you don't want to be; particularly bears! Happy New Year!

leelee - Now you know I wouldn't leave you out. And I KNOW you can be around the upper echelon if you want...I saw that in 2008. Happy New Year!

candie - I thought for sure you were a Theme Thursday discoveree but when I saw how far back you had a comment, I was surprised. Happy New Year!

jill - I will see you over at Theme Thursday this year for sure. Happy New Year!

tom - You were a steady follower here last year, I know I'll see you around again this year. Happy New Year!

catladylarew - I suspect you'll be way up there when it all gets written. Happy New Year!

unfinishedrambler - Yes, there's always the possibility of irking somebody with my madness. Sorry if irked you; I don't even remember what it was about. Oh well...I blame the gnomes. Happy New Year!

angie - Ha! Sure, you can say that about Portland now while you're warm in the sun and we're getting wet with snow and rain! Still... you're right. I was going to aspire to be as big as your blog this year but that would be a tall order! Happy New Year!

wings - I thought it necessary. Some say I pimp my blog roll (and I do) but it resets and I miss the links to visit everyone so darn right I pimp it. Plus, I remember everybody! Happy New Year!

incredible woody - I felt sad you missed the 200 by one post...oh well, always this year! Happy New Year!

marianna - Ha! Yes, sorry for putting you on the missing list by accident. Happy New Year!

quirkyloon - The gnomes are a lot to handle...and they just irk the zombies so maybe that wouldn't be a good idea! I can't believe you read the whole post too (you skimmed...didn't you?). Happy New Year!

california girl - I don't play favorites; everybody gets on the blogroll of their own accord! Yes, the post did take a long time. Happy New Year!

uncivil - I look forward to more craziness this year. We'll really go after it! Happy New Year!

otin - I know, I know. You write, I write. You do Theme Thursday, I do too. We know most of the same people. I've never been good with feeds, followers, social networks and all that. I just visit blogs and link blogs and go to the real blog pages. I guess I'm old fashioned that way. Happy New Year!

scott - And to you. Keep up the humor! Happy New Year!

lime - I know you'll be around; the gnomes would be quite put out if you didn't. And you know I'm going to give you grief about your job and probably mention that album a few times again. Happy New Year!

carlae - That's EXACTLY what a guy like to hear! Ha! Happy New Year!

Ed said...

roy - I think it nearly beat everything from 2009 (perhpas not that one crazy scenario edition). Happy New Year!

gladys - You're on the list ( soon as I get the time to start it). The year holds a lot of never know! I will finish up the alphabet at some point too and perhaps some more blog spoofs.

subby - I've never heard that one. You're always finding something that astounds me!

angelmay - I like that idea; prosperous! Happy New Year!

chris c - You do them well! I was jealous of them; perhaps I should expound the concept from you (with credit to you) and do a few this year too. Happy New Year!

reforminggeek - I think it was through Humorbloggers. I surfed a great many of them early on looking for a funny Texas one of course. Happy New Year!

baino - Someday I'll get there. Someday. Don't worry, the gnomes won't ruin everything in the house. Happy New Year!

janna - Actually, only the peppers and Bolivia count because I can do those other ones. Bolivia is one of only two countries I haven't been to in South America. Happy New Year!

perpetual chocoholic - My first "ewww"...awesome! Happy New Year!

thinkinfyou - She thinks I'm looking at your tits! Sheesh. She should know I read it for the intellectual content, of course! Happy New Year!

ronda - It's all right. I've been pouring over the right way to contruct and write a novel; I've learned a lot. Doesn't mean I can write well enough to be published, but we'll see. Happy New Year!

elizabeth - It's a lot. But worth it. Happy New Year!

ryan - Wow, that's a long time. Thanks for the compliment! Happy New Year!

serena - I know you'll be around. It would be too weird without you commenting; I've been used to it for so long now. Same with Kurt! Happy New Year!

cupp jo - That could take some time. Just responding here is...I know that. Happy New Year!

dee - Ha! I'm glad I can be amusing. I'll see you all year, I know. Happy New Year!

carla - Well then you should open it first...that can hurt! Sorry...couldn't resist! Happy New Year!

subby - I don't think she's kidding...

harnett-hargrove - Confirmations? Now you know I'm crazy, don't you? Happy New Year!

sarah - Happy New Year to you too!

emmak - Sure, you can fool me; but I know! ;) Nice job writing; you've got some great projects going. Happy New Year!

janna - I KNEW it!

subby - Perhaps she's watching to see if they EVER get it right...

Ed said...

megan - Here, here! I expect you here! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

VE, that song would do for the Gnome Anthem, yes? And "they" will never beable to get the weather right on call, ha!

Ed said...

subby - I would be a good gnome anthem!

Jaime said...

glad you don't hold the lawyer thing against me... but it does give you the opportunity to talk about fruity rum drinks every time i mention the bar.

happy new year

Kurt said...

Comprehensive! You da man.

Kurt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan Smithee said...

You bastard! You forgot about me!

Chris Eldin said...

Wow! You are amazing. Amazingly nice. You're also a very talented writer, with lots of hard work and determination to boot. I hope and expect very good things for you.
I hope you and your family have a terrific year!

Janna said...

"Actually, only the peppers and Bolivia count because I can do those other ones."

You can play harp and write music for orchestras and brass quintets?
Dude. We should get together sometime and have a jam session. I'll bring my french horn AND my harp, and we'll write something in your favorite key.

That way I'll know if you're bluffing. ;)
LOL. :)

JennyMac said...

That is one amazing list of bloggers! Happy New Year VE!

Maureen said...

Oh so many friends here, it always feels like a party. We definitely should get together IRL... I think we need to create a convention just for VE followers; somewhere warm please.

Thank you so much for the shout out; you are too kind and amazing for keeping all that info about us inside that head of yours.

You can be sure I'll be here throughout 2010. But I'll try to be more punctual (says commentor number 65.... gah)

Lifes said...

VE, I am so honored to have made your list. I'll keep stopping by and hope I can keep up with you and your more witty blogger buddies.

This was the most dedicated reader tribute that I have ever read. I think (sniff) you might actually like us.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm so low on the list again! Dang letter "Q"... always has to wait for m, n, o, and p!

Speaking of which...excuse me.

I was just checking to make sure you didn't sneak in another post that would already set me behind one post. I'm goin' for it this year! I WILL BE ON TOP! hee hee

Dakota Bear said...

Hello VE,

I haven't done much blogging since early Oct, but I plan on correcting that in 2010. I still have to write about my trip to Egypt in Nov.

Happy New Year and I'll be around.

Mrsupole said...

Okay, how could I resist to be #69, I think I have made this number once before. It is almost as much fun as being "first". Well actually it is a lot more fun to be #69. Hehe.

If you keep this up you might break 100.

God bless.

Ed said...

jaime - Normally...I'd be all over the lawyer humor...but I know you're a lawyer and so I tame it down. It's all in fun. Happy New Year!

kurt - How's it feel to be the number one all-time Fantastical Nonsense commenter? You're like a celebrity...Happy New Year!

alan - I know, I should have commented 15 times during the year. Shame on you! ;) Happy New Year!

chris - You should be a life coach or something... you're very kind and inspiring! Happy New Year!

janna - Just because I said I could play them and write that doesn't mean it will be any good!

jennymac - From one with another amazing host of bloggers. If we combined out circle of blogging friends we'd have a blogging convention! Happy New Year!

maureen - Show up as late as you like, just show up. A VE convention? That would have to be in Vegas...wouldn't it? What happens within the circle of gnomes, stays in the circle of gnomes. Happy New Year!

lifeshighway - I wouldn't put in this much effort if I didn't care! May the gnomes be with you. Happy New Year!

quirkyloon - I know...depressing. I won't be drawing the line for awhile and since the first few days are hectic, it takes awhile to catch up the blog roll list. Be'll rise up! Happy New Year!

dakota bear - Now I am jealous; I haven't been there yet. Yes, you'll have to write up that one. I love to read travel stories. Happy New Year!

mrsupole - You just couldn't resist, could you? Ha! I've hit the low 90s but never 100 before. That would be a treat...maybe someday...

Brian Miller said...

oh wonder you cant comment after a post like thanks for the love...i do get around a bit. warm regards and hopes for a birlliant new year!

Ed said...

brian - Well...I didn't mean you get around like 'that'! ha!...happy new year.

Deb said...

Happy New Year, VE! Can't believe you wrote about us all and from the heart! You have a heart, Tinman! I was pretty impressed. Sometimes I'm ugly impressed, but the hair looked good today.

So, let the games begin, bring on 2010 (OMG that rhymed!) and let the Portland/Portland rivalry begin!

teeni said...

It won't take much conning because your site is definitely good material. What a nice way to honor all your blog roll members, VE. This was quite an undertaking for you but I enjoyed reading these write-ups. It is appreciated. :) Hope 2010 is being good to you!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Holy Canoli... It would have taken me all of 2010 to write this post! Great job VE - and thanks for the kind words. :-)

Mrsupole said...

Is 76 kinda like 69? I am doing my best to help you get to 100. I mean I know I could do it all by myself, but then it is kinda a lot of work.

Oh and I did read about every single commenter here. It did make me a little dotty!!

God bless.

Anne said...

Thank you for being jealous. I'll have to go to some cool places. matter of fact, I will be going to some cool places in March.

Ed said...

deb - Pretty hair, ugly hair...for a guy at my age (48) I'm lucky to have my hair!

teeni - I always figured my readers would skim and find their own and not read much of the others but apparently many was a long post though

jeff - It took awhile. I couldn't finish it but I got down a ways...

mrsupole - 76? Isn't that the new Social Security eligibility these days? Isn't that a gas station? I think 69 was a bit more interesting...

anne - Doh! I'll be in Sun Valley skiing in Jan. Does that count? I'll be in San Francisco in February. Does that count? I will go somewhere international this summer (I hope)...

United Studies said...

Good God, how long did it take you to write that post??

Thanks for the shout-out!

If you go over to my blog, you'll get to see two videos of me and Peter making fools of ourselves. We had a couple over, we were childless, and we drank.

Ed said...

jacki - I'll have to check that out! As for this was important to me to recognize all those that have made this blog so much fun all year long...

Mrsupole said...

Okay, with this there is only 19 more to go. Goodness I cannot do it all by myself. But I am working on it.

God bless.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Well, damn it, I undeleted my blog. What the heck?

Ed said...

mrsupole - It doesn't feel legit if it's just a back and forth between a couple of us...

arizona - Yeah...

Simpson/Lynch Studios said...

On behalf of the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog, the is the Silver Fox, thanking you for mentioning me in your first post of the New Year! I've had a lot going on lately, so even when I do get to visit my favorite blogs, I don't have time to comment anywhere near as much as I used to. Hopefully, 2010 will correct that, but you never know...

Ed said...

silver fox - Well I feel priveleged that you stopped your busy schedule to take the time to comment here then. Hope 2010 is enjoyable if it is busy...

Dalton J. Fox said...

Sorry I'm just now stopping by, VE. Jury duty, wrecking and totaling my truck, and various other real life happenings have limited my blogging time lately.

I do have a knack for finding crazy/unusual photos. What can I say? It's a gift.

Ed said...

dalton - Totaling is a verb you don't want to experience... understand and thanks for making it over even still!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful way to start the new year, thanking your readers! I didn't visit quite as much as I wanted last year, but be assured that I will be here as much as possible this year. How could I not attend the fun & games that prevail here? Cheers to you, VE & the new year!

Ed said...

collette - I wished I'd had the time/energy to finish out the blog roll list but the list was just too long...

JenJen said...

Wow. So many...
I read several of these but am so excited to see some of them I didn't know about!
Thanks for the list!

Ed said...

jenjen - One thing about my blog roll by the end of the year is that it's a big giant blog community out there! Feel free to say hello to whomever sounds intriguing...

padraig said...

I have returned.

Like Holmes, I occasionally suffer from ennui. Today I had a visit from my Doctor Watson, who pointed out to me that I've been in a funk.

And really, when you're in a funk, you need to go to the funk doctor, and who is better suited to be labeled the "funkdoobiest" than the blogosphere's most prolific writer of insanity?

Ed said...

padraig - Ha! Well, welcome back. There will be plenty of funky stuff going on here throughout the year as usual. PS...I think your comment just pushed this post as the highest commented post I've had on this blog...