Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lyrical Locales

A week or so ago I did a post which referred to a location from a popular song. There were several readers who didn’t know what I was referring to. It got me thinking; perhaps I should just do an entire post on lyrical locales. So I have…

Lee Ho Fook’s, London

From Werewolves in London by Warren Zevon

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand
Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain
He was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's
Going to get himself a big dish of beef chow mein

Corner in Winslow, AZ

From Take it Easy by The Eagles

Well, I'm a standing on a corner
in Winslow Arizona
It's such a fine sight to see
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
Ford slowin' down to take a look at me

The Palace, NJ

From Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard
The girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors
And the boys try to look so hard

Chelsea Drug Store, London

From You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones

I went down to the Chelsea drugstore
To get your prescription filled
I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy
And man, did he look pretty ill

Grand Hotel, Montereax Switzerland

From Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

We ended up at the Grand Hotel
It was empty cold and bare

Alice’s Restaurant and The Church, Great Barrington, MA

From Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie

Now it all started two Thanksgivings ago, was on - two years ago on
Thanksgiving, when my friend and I went up to visit Alice at the
restaurant, but Alice doesn't live in the restaurant, she lives in the
church nearby the restaurant, in the bell-tower, with her husband Ray and
Fasha the dog.

Waldo Pier, Salsalito, CA
(because though the song mentions Frisco Bay, he actually sat here when he came up with the song)

From Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

Sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
I'm just sitting on the dock of the bay
Wasting time

The Chicken Ranch, LaGrange, TX

From LaGrange by ZZ Top

Rumour sprendin' a-'round in that Texas town
'bout that shack outside La Grange
and you know what I'm talkin' about.
Just let me know if you wanna go
to that home out on the range.
They gotta lotta nice girls

Penny Lane, Liverpool England

From Penny Lane by The Beatles

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back
(on a sidenote, Violet Hill by Coldplay is not very far away)

Ventura Highway, California

From Ventura Highway by America

Ventura Highway in the sunshine
Where the days are longer
The nights are stronger than moonshine
You're gonna go I know

Albert Royal Hall, England

From A Day in the Life by The Beatles

And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga, NY

From You’re so Vain by Carly Simon

Well, I hear you went up to Saratoga
And your horse naturally won

Ipanema beach, Ipanema, Brazil

From The Girl from Ipanema by Gilberto Astrud

Tall and tan and young and lovely,
The girl from Ipanema goes walking,
And when she passes
each one she passes goes "a-a-ah!"


Mrsupole said...

Well, I have been to Winslow and driven on the Ventura Freeway, but that's it. I will have to work on the other locales, but it will probably be in my dreams or maybe I will just listen to those songs again.

God bless.

Subby said...

Multiple earworms but they're all good ones ;)

I used to have a news clipping of Arlo's arrest report ( I think I gave it to a friend of mine )...

Subby said...

Heck VE, you could make this a reg'lar series! So many many lyrics...

...or do one on "cars"...?( I always wanted a "schlock rod" )

secret agent woman said...

I used to see that hotel in Montreux when I was going to and from school in Switzerland. Hard to imagine it being empty, though!

Subby said...

Just a couple of thoughts: Aerosmith claimed "the train kept a rollin', all night long"; while Mostrose mentioned something about a "Black Train runnin' on silver rails"...I don't remember a destination in either song....?

Subby said... that should read MONTROSE...

...carry on...

Roy said...

Now that's an interesting collection of song locales. And now that I know where Otis sat when he wrote the song, I'm gonna have to make a pilgrimage to the Sausalito Pier some day.

Roy Scribner said...

Best. Post. Ever. I'm wracking my brain trying to think of something obvious you missed. How about 53rd and 3rd, by the Ramones?

53rd and 3rd
I'm tryin' to turn a trick
53rd and 3rd
You're the one they never pick
53rd and 3rd
Don't it make you feel sick?

Ed said...

mrsupole - I've been by Lee HO Fook's, the Chelsea Drug store and Albert Hall in London. I've been by the Montereax in Switzerland. I've been to that pier in Salsalito. I've been to Ventura Highway. I've been to Ipanema Beach in Brazil. Not bad...7 out of 13 locales...

subby - There might be more but I sort of ran out of obvious songs with destinations...

roy - It's a worthy destination. The whole area is...

roy - Ha! I was waiting for somebody to find another one. Good choice. I know that one. I sort of ran out myself...

I Am Woody said...

I have a t-shirt from The Chicken Ranch. The other one.

JennAventures said...

The Palace's Peewee Herman vibe creeps me out.

And in response to your comment-Point made! I was just in foul mood last night. Bad combination running of feelings of sugar high

Elizabeth said...

What a fun post!! I agree with Subby, You could do a lot more of these!

nonamedufus said...

Fascinating VE. What a great idea. Love it.

Monkey Man said...

What a fun waste of time. *smiles* You owe me five minutes.

Ed said...

secret agent woman - Whoops...missed you in the last responses. You went to school in Switzerland? Lucky! It is beautiful there but I can't afford it...

subby - The trouble with those train songs is that they don't mention anywhere. Maybe we could start a train lyric one...Melissa by Almond Brothers, Long Train Running by Doobie Brothers come to mind...

incredible woody - Sure...sure...

jennaventures - Thanks for swinging by...I was just teasing you...

elizabeth - If I could think of more songs with very specific destinations...

nonamedufus - was fun to put together...

Anonymous said...

When we went to England 2 visits ago, we went on an excellent Beatles tour in Liverpool (Fab 4 Taxi Tour). Went past just about every Beatlesque place there was, including Strawberry Fields orphanage.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

But I was on the edge of my seat, hoping you wouldn't go there.

But alas, you did.



hee hee

ReformingGeek said...

That was great, VE!

Yeah, that wasn't the Chicken Ranch I had in mind.....


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That was a long post with a lot of pictures.

Subby said...

VE, that's the ticket! You can "branch" out ;)

Cheryl said...

What a great idea for a post! I loved this to pieces. And guess what? I'm old enough to remember every single one of these songs. Eek!

Janna said...

How fun!
Now my brain can't decide which song to play over and over and over again while I'm trying to sleep tonight.

So far it keeps switching back and forth between "Girl From Ipanema" and "Werewolves Of London".

Like maybe a Girl from London ran into some Werewolves from Ipanema.
Hey, it could happen... said...

Guess I have my playlist for the weekend, now. Thanks, VE!

The Oceanside Animals said...

That was cool!

GAB said...

Very nice indeed. I just took a very cool tour without even leaving my chair here at home. Good thing too cause yesterday I took a bad tumble and actually thought I broke both legs....turns out I just skinned my knees, badly bruised my legs and today am very sore. So going from country to country seeing different places in songs while I ice pack myself was cool.

Baino said...

Ooh this was fun and I've been to some as well.

Subby said...

Hmmm....the Palace got me to thinkin' of "Palisades Park" by Freddie "Boom-Boom" Cannon. But I think it's all condos now :(

Ed said...

Sharonheg – I’ll bet that was interesting. I’ve never actually been in Liverpool though I have been all around there…

Quirkyloon – “And each day as she strolls to the sea, she looks straight at her not at he…” hahahaha…yes, I went there. You betcha…

Reforminggeek – Yes, the “chicken ranch” they refer to is now destroyed. This was the actual shot of it before it was leveled. You’d hardly know that was a house of illrepute…

Perpetual chocoholics – Yes it was…and you will read it all and like it!

Subby – Good one…

Cheryl – Me too…uggh!

Janna – Well…werewolves do get around. That’s why you can never get a sleeper on the train…all the werewolves have them booked.

Catladylarew – All good choices in my book!

Dennis – Thanks. I had fun doing it but it was time-consuming…

Gab – You need to win the lotto or something to stem all your bad karma! Hope you’re feeling better…

Baino – You mean Australian’s are allowed to leave the Island? ;)

Subby – Good addition. I was waiting for some suggestions. Perhaps I can put together a part two in the future…

Jaime said...

take it easy is going to be stuck in my head for DAYS now.

Ed said...

jaime - It's a small world after all... ;)

lime said...

i had no idea lee ho fuk's was a real place. the others yes, but not that one. fun post. thanks.

yellojkt said...

I've been to Lee Ho Fuk's and Winslow. Alas, the Palace is no more. I went to Asbury Park this summer just to check. Madame Marie's is still there even though Marie has passed on.

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