Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Spring and Summer

Here's a sure sign of Spring...

This is what happens when I trail run in March in Portland...

Oh...and here's a sure sign of Summer....

This is what happens when you combine an obsessive/compulsive disorder, no lick of sense and a tanning booth together...

May your spring have been less muddy and your summer be less leathery...


sybil law said...

OMG that bitch's face makes me want to hurl. The muddy shoes are more attractive!

ReformingGeek said...

Ew. That face is painful. I love the shoes, though. It looks a lot like mine when they were working on our roads.

Mrsupole said...

Ditto to what Sybil said. Every time I see that crazy lady I want to puke and she actually said that the rest of us are jealous of how she looks. Oh please, the rest of us are thankful we look like ourselves and nothing like her. UGH!!!

God bless.

Mother Theresa said...

Those look like my kids' shoes! :D The other photo is just scary.

lime said...

just think, when she dies of skin cancer her daughter can make a nice matching wallet and handbag out of her.

gale bristlin said...

What is wrong with her? I mean seriously what is wrong with her? I'd hate to see her in 20 -30 years from now. OMG ICK

VE said...

sybil - Have you seen a younger picture of her? She was hot (but don't tell the wife-poo I said that)

reforminggeek - Come on now...does it really rain in Texas enough to generate mud?

mrsupole - She could actually hide naked among the leather belts in a department store and not be seen...

lime - Now THATS recycling...

gale - Guess what? You probably won't. But you can visit her tombstone

costlules said...

This is what occurs if you combine an obsessive/compulsive dysfunction, no lick of sense and a tanning sales space together...

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