Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dark Side of a Flash Mob

I remember reading that the reason Black Sabbath played what they did back in the 1970s was that Ozzy Osbourne wanted to buck the fad and play music that was scary.  And its personal opinion whether he achieved his goal but I have to tell you, I saw snippets from his reality show and, well, now that was scary, Ozzy.

Fads...why must we all jump on the bandwagon?  I've always been the one to look for the road less traveled.  Hell...given a choice between two roads, I'd probably be the one that headed off cross country instead.  Why do I need somebody else to direct me?

I've noticed that on videos (well, my son has probably seen every You Tube video uploaded) that this whole "flash mob" concept has really turned into a fad.  You know what a flash mob is?  If you've been locked in your refrigerator for these last couple years and have finally eaten your way out, a flash mob is a bunch of people performing in front of an unsuspecting audience, usually in a public place, by doing something unusual or outrageous and in synch, as if suddenly the world has gone mad.

Of course, I believe the world has gone mad, so it wouldn't have quite as much impact on me.  If the world hadn't gone mad then I could pay for my damned Pepsi at the work cafeteria without having to wait for the "coffee people" to make their triple skinny low fat non mocha extra shot spit in it expresso drink that takes 12 minutes for the single cashier to make while I have to stand there and burn holes in the coffee idiots head with my eyes waiting to pay.  But I digress...

I think we should go to the dark side with this whole flash mob thing. 

First off, you need everyone to dress in the same creepy costume.

You know, like a creepy older Charlie Brown costume.

It could just be a faceless costume.  Faceless costumes are creepy.

Or go extreme and, God forbid, make it REALLY creepy.

Then, once you have a bunch of people looking really creepy, wait until twilight time and then have like 55 people standing in front of every window of your neighbors house until they panic.

Or have them go to the back yard and have them sit around their table and in their hot tub being motionless until somebody sees them and then they all turn towards that person in unison, slowly.

Follow somebody down a public street and coodinate so that more and more of the same start following until eventually they are all around the person.

There are so many options to the dark side of flash mobs...


ReformingGeek said...

It's the aliens. First, crop circles, now flash mobs.

Yep. We're doomed.

Mrsupole said...

I think people join the flash mobs in the hopes to become famous or maybe they are part of some mind control experiment. I think it is something like the one where someone stands there just looking up into the sky and then pretty soon others will join in and start looking up too. Maybe those were the first flash mobs.

God bless.

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