Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Most Popular

For those of you that use Google's Blogger tool for your free blog, have you noticed that the new and improved look to it brings some interesting features?

Take your list of the posts you have created and published.  Now I don't know how long they've had this new format, but apparently they are keeping count of every view of every post in your blog.

My blog has been around for flippin' ever so I have something like 1100 posts.  It's pretty interesting to see what posts are popular.

Back when I cared, I used to guage my popularity based on how many comments I got.  I used to average 30-40 per post.  Of course, I was posting 5 days a week, reading and commenting on hundreds of blogs and generally missing entire presidential terms in doing so.  Not that missing those is a bad thing, of course.

But now Google blogger can tell me what is popular from my old posts.  Apparently people are finding them somehow.  Here are the top 10 (based on counts last month which increase at a rate of like 30 a day):

1.  With almost 7,000 views, "Wizard of OZ from Different Perspectives" is my top viewed post.  Ok, I did submit this to a comedy contest and won first place on my first try with this post so I guess people like it.  But 7,000 views?  How are they finding this?  I try to find it from various searches and it doesn't come up at the top.  In the VE blogging world, that's like a viral post!

2.  With 4,563 views, "The Pivoting Bubble Car" comes in second.  Are there really that many people that search on bubble cars?  Is this a car nitch I wasn't aware of?  I mean bubbles are pretty green and green is still popular these days.  Pop a bubble and its gone!  Of course, that doesn't say much for safety in a bubble car...

3.  Slightly behind with 4,439 views, "Pathetic things that forced me from being cool" comes in third.  Of course...write a self-embarassing post and that's the one EVERYONE has to come see.  It's like farting during a concert and having the bad timing to let it rip when the orchestra goes silent.  But let's face it, that isn't really a great analogy because when would VE ever be at a classical music performance live?  I mean really, I'd be more entertained by wadding up the cost of that ticket into hundreds of one dollar bill balls and sling shoting (is that a word?) them onto unsuspecting commuters.

4.  Next up with 3,921 views is "V for Violin".  Now, this was part of an A-Z seires of improv subject posts.  I can't imagine a lot of people searching on violins unless they of course happen to have found a Stratavarius wedged in the attic of their Aunts house after she tripped and died getting the mail during that last ice storm.  I mean, if I have a million dollar violin, I'd cash out in a heartbeat!

5.  Right behind that with 3,911 views is "Presidents Book of Secrets" in which I had my own entries in the novel book from the "National Treasure 2" movie.  I guess I have a bunch of movie fans searching everything related to it and stumbled upon my post.  So much for being secret!

6.  Not too far back with 3,421 views is "Annual Stupid Pet Costumes".  Of course I did several years of these, much to Kurt's loud objection on the cruelty to dogs.  Only this one seems to be popular.  It's a dog eat dog world out there in blog land!

7.  Behind that with 2,411 views is "VE has your Limo Experience" in which I feature a bunch of ridiculous limo vehicles in one of my many themed photo posts.  Sorry all 2,000 plus of you...I don't actually own or rent out any of those...

8.  The next one, with 2,119 views is "Vegetables aren't what you think" and perhaps this is popular with the whole healthy movement that gets so much press but is ignored by 95% of the overweight American population thinking they're extreme because they eat vegetables or salads a lot.

9.  In 9th place with 1,637 views is "Gollum is Alive and Working as my Grocery Store Checker" in which I tell the tale of the guy at my local store that looks just like Gollum but is the fastest damn checker you've ever seen.  Or was.  Word has it that he isn't doing well health-wise.  Damn that Frodo for taking his precious and causing him to leave my store!

10.  And finally to round out the top 10, with 1,338 views was "Naked Skydiving" which was part of a series of "challenge" posts in which I challenged everyone to come up with an outrageous subject to post on.  And I did!  And they keep coming...well, perhaps that is a bad choice of word...

And on the flip side, while many have low views, you have to go back to May 23, 2010 for a post called "Other things to not do while driviing" to find a post that has had zero views!  None.  I looked at the post again...it's not unfunny!  What the hell.  People need to reread this.  I need syndication.  If they can syndicate "Full House" they can syndicate "Fantastical Nonsense"!!!!


Mrsupole said...

Where is this part of blogger that tells you about your highest rated views? Geez, I am lucky if I get 50 views a post. But then I did notice that I must have been responsible for a lot of those views on a few of those posts. I remember those days of 5 or more posts a week from you. Heck half the people who used to post back then are gone. Too much FB, Tweets or Pinning going on or maybe being sick like me.

Truly you should be proud that people think you are still worth viewing. Although I really would like to have that bubble car, it is really cool looking.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Okay, I found it. Dang I was just checking on Theme Thursday's stats and the one with the all time views is Polka Dots, with over 28,300 views. That would not be the one that I would have expected. Rather strange, right.

God bless.

ReformingGeek said...

The Internet is about as strange as my cat. It simply can't be explained.

Naked skydiving. Hum....

Frontal Lobe said...

My all time high was for - Bear Driving Bumper Car - which is just a photo I saw somewhere that amused me. It has approx. 3 times more views than anything I ever wrote.

GAB said...

A) I personally dont give a rat azz to how popular my post are or are not.
B) and I really really hate the new Blog!!!!
they can take it and shove it where the sun dont shine and get it stuck!