Monday, June 24, 2013

Get Laid

Once again, the "Get Laid" tea is out-of-stock....


Subby said...

In the absence of the "Get Laid" tea, I guess you'll have to opt for the "Get A Grip" tea in order to "Get Relief"~HA!

ReformingGeek said...

Ha! What Subby said!

VE said...

subby - Ha! Nice one...even I didn't notice that combo...

reforminggeek - Also I expected to see Maxwell Smart on the "Get Smart" tea. I mean, come on!

Brian Miller said...

ha. hey is that subby as in subtorp? wow i feel like i have fallen into the way back machine...

nonamedufus said...

Oh, so there you are. You're still at it too. I'll have to get over here more often.

As we grow older we don't need get laid so much as get it up.

Mrsupole said...

Yes Brian that is Subby. I almost fainted when I saw him here. I need to get charged when I get a heart and get smart enough to get some relief but also need to get a grip so that I can get soothed so as to not have a heart attack. And truly getting laid is pretty good for one's heart. At least I heard it was.

God bless.

VE said...

brian - You have...I go way back blogging...

nonamedufus - "Grow up", "Grow old"...these are growing concerns I have...

mrsupole - Subby comes when the gnomes call!

monica said...

strange things you have over there in a m e w i c a... you need to drink tea to get laid... !?

VE said...

monica - Apparently so...because I am not a tea drinker I have to assume that is why all these people flock to the tea section of the store. Why else would they go there?

sprinkle4 said...

Man I wish there was some Get a Job tea I could give my son!

VE said...

sprinkle4 - Welcome to the generation of kids that never leave the house and then say "I can't get a job" if recruiters were going to come door-to-door looking for them

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