Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How did THAT happen?

I'm still in shock. 
I know it's been awhile now.
No...I'm not talking about idiots bombing our National Sporting pastimes.
I just want to know how it happened...
How in this fast food, diabetes growing, strip mall infested, pharmaceutical side effect ridden, overweight, over-scheduled, over-worked, GMO driven, franchise growing, short term thinking, Wal-Mart dressing, fried food eating, non-exercising, pre-packed country did....
Twinkies go out of business?
I just don't understand it.


Mrsupole said...

I've been crying ever since they took my beloved Hostess mini donuts away. I wish I could say I care about the Twinkies but it's been years since I have eaten one. And maybe the Ding Dongs were better anyway or the chocolate cakes with the white drizzle on it. I guess I really miss some of their pastries but I was used to buying more things from Costco then any store because they seem to make it more like homemade and none of those preservatives that mean it will last for years. Hey maybe that is why they went out of business but then again it was the union thinking it held all the power. Gotta love those unions.

God bless.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm sure it's what caused the downslide of the nation.


Subby said...

Fear not , o' Great V.E.! For soon you may find the chemical-laden sweet treat back on the shelves! Probably with even more chemicals than it ever had before...

Agreements have been reached for the continued mass production of the creamy chemical concoction... that I think of it...maybe you should fear!

Ed said...

mrsupole - We all have our Hostess memories, for sure. I remember finding one in my Dad's garage that had been there for like 15 years...still looked new!

reforminggeek - Funny how slides are always down...

subby - Subby! It has been awhile. Glad to see you out in the blogsphere. You know, I did hear that somebody was going to buy the name and make them again. What would all the post apocalyptic movies do without a search for Twinkies?

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