Friday, July 19, 2013

Yep, I'm ripping on more song lyrics

Fortunately I'm around to call bullshit to all the nonsensical lyrics you take for granted while you're humming to the song because you never really did pick up all the words just sort of fumble through and make up your own, don't you?

Ok...this time we'll pick on one I've already picked on:  Lobo.

I like to pick on Lobo because he's got such an unusual name.  His biggest hit was "Me and You and Dog named Boo".  I think the original title was "Me and You in the Loo with a Dog named Boo" but it was too controversial for radio back then so they dropped being in the loo part.

Anyway, the song appeals to wanderlust because it's about "traveling and living off the land".  I don't think they were literally living off the land as in digging up wild potatoes and cooking them on a makeshift campfire.  But we get it...

So here's the lyric I have to call out:

"I can still recall
The wheat fields of St. Paul
And the morning we got caught
Robbing from an old hen
Old McDonald he made us work
But then he paid us for what it was worth
Another tank of gas
And back on the road again"

Seriously, Lobo?  Old McDonald?  He had a farm?  EIEIO?  You write a song that goes to #5 on the charts and all you can come up with for the name of a farmer is "Old McDonald"?  Maybe it really was his name, but how cliche'.  I'm not buying it and I'm calling BS!

Ok...let's move on to more sophisticated BS.  This time I'll pick on Sting.

There comes a point for each of us when we just know that we're being BS'd with the lyrics.  That the words are put together to try and impress and sound more important than they are.  Amateur writing is bereft of over description and flowery words.

This time the song is "Shape of My Heart".  I like the song for the melody.  If I could just pretend not to really listen to the words I'd probably have been ok.  But here's the one that just gets me:

"He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn't play for the money he wins
He doesn't play for the respect
He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance"

So when has chance ever been put into a geometrical equation?  And sacred?  Sacred to who?  Kenny Rogers the Gambler?

And there's a hidden law of probable outcome?  It must not be THAT hidden because he's singing about it.  Is it law you can break?  Can you go to jail for breaking a law that is hidden?

It's all just a bunch of pseudo-intellectual nonsense, I tell 'ya!  I ring the VE bullshit buzzer on this one!

And let it be known that just because you were popular, you were talented or you were a long time ago...the gnomes will discover your BS and VE will call you out on it.  You have been warned...


Subby said...

Major obscure (really) obscure) reference to a loo in a song...kinda. It's from Napoleon XIV entitled "The Explorer" & was never featured on any of his early recordings for many reasons, heh...if you can find it have a listen.

And I'm surprised you didn't do a literal translation of the group's name...LOBO is "wolf" in Spanish. But then, I've never known a wolf to rob a hen, more likely impersonate a sheep, wot? Might be something deeper in that but, whatever...

And really, Sting? You're talking about a guy who "dreams with blue turtles"! But you do make a good point here. I can hear the BS buzzer loud & clear! LOL!

Vanessa Victoria Kilmer said...

Jeez, haven't thought of Lobo in gajillions of years. He's not on my iPOD.

Serena said...

Yeah, but can you dance to it?:-)

GAB said...

My daughter always sang her version to I can see clearly now all popcycles are out of my way.
Im not ever sure how she thought it was obsticals sound like popcycles. LOL

Ms Scarlet said...

Are you still blogging?

Unknown said...

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