Monday, December 30, 2013

In Rememberence

Yeah, yeah, I know.  You saw the title of this post and rushed over to see who died.  Sorry not to appease that secret morbid sense of wonderment about somebody famous who has died.  I mean, it is the time to run the list and with great people like Nelson Mandela and Peter O'Toole having died this year, it's another year to remember.

But rather use up the tissues, let's remember some of those strange things that fixated us through the years or things that were so common and yet we've totally forgotten about them.

Take this first one:  Clackers!  How many remember the bruises, the frustration of not being able to make them clack up and down.  I still have an original pair from when I was a teen.  No, I'm not a hoarder!

Remember the commerical where the "Native American" cries a single tear over the litter?  What the hell happened?  He's be balling his eyes out if he went through Oakland, CA these days.  And just how did he manage to produce a single tear?

Caps.  Now who didn't lose their cap gun and just end up popping these with rocks or a hammer or your sister's head?  Good cheap fun...

Remember Krazy Straws?  They were best with Chocolate Milk or some Orange Soda.  Now that all "those" drinks are unhealthy they've lost popularity.  Who can see just water going through these?  Perhaps we re-introduce those to the wine snobs and watch the shock on their faces as we drink expensive wine through a Krazy Straw.

Remember Fondue sets?  That's right, nobody ever seems to melt fake cheese and buy stale bread just so we could drown it with those cool metal two-prong skewers.  Now everybody just texts instead of getting together.

When was the last time you saw an inch worm out on the sidewalk?  Why not?  Kids don't go outside...and if they do, they are in the fenced in back yard so you'd never see one now.

And what ever happened to good old fashioned beating the crap out of your toy without ever damaging it?  I do today's bullies train, anyway?

You just don't see a lot of label makers anymore.  I always hated making a long one and then hitting the wrong letter and having to start over.  Or just running out before you're done.

There was a time when everyone had a lucky rabbits foot.  Now, not so much.  What happened?  Are dead rabbits no longer lucky?  I never saw them move on to other dead animals feet.  No lucky raccoons foot.  I just don't know...

Remember when Mom would smear Mercuricome or Iodone over your ouches and stain your skin for a few weeks?  Suddenly it was gone!  Turns out that Mercury isn't all that good for you...who knew?

Outside a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western you don't see a lot of people wearing Ponchos these days.  Talk about the one-size-fits-all outfit!!!

Remember ViewFinders?  Somebody should do a digital version of these with your photos and when you click on your digital photo is simulates this...

Remember these infernal numbers puzzles.  This was devised by the cell phone companies early on to condition your thumbs for texting.

Remember Spirographs?  Sadly they still make them but nobody buys them.  I remember the really hard oblong ones that always came unseeded from the pins and messed up the design.  I could never get the hardest ones done right.

And there's your stroll down memory lane for 2013.  Happy New Year, everyone.


Subby said...

I've been out of the media loop for a while, VE...hadn't heard Peter O'Toole passed on (maybe his death was over-shadowed by Mandela's?)

Clackers! mom had a sparkly purple set & yeah those damn things hurt!

Didn't the Indian anti-pollution advert air the same year as that infernal Coke ad? (y'know, the "I'd like to teach the world to sing" thing?)

Just about everything else on the list I've had (except that inch-worm ride-on...that was my cousin's) All these other toys never really went away, just got remerched in different forms over the years :P Okay, maybe not the Bozo puncher but still...I can get unlimited ammo for my cap gun without a permit LOL!

An old friend of mine still has her bottle of Mercurochrome (or did you swipe this one from her medicine cabinet?) Hey, the stuff works!

And remember, nothing says Capitalism like bringing something back for a new generation to foolishly spend their money on, HA!

HAve a happy new year VE!

Subby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ReformingGeek said...

You're killing me! First, those dang clackers shattered while I was attempting to clack. Then, I sat on the Inchworm and broke it bruising my tailbone on the grass in the backyard. The cat is playing with the poncho strings. I got carpal tunnel from that stupid puzzle.

Enough already!


Ed said...

subby - I stole the last bottle known!!! :)

reforminggeek - Sounds like consumerism is rough on you!

Mike said...

OMG! Did that bring back some memories!

Ed said...

mike - Funny how we forget about some things that were pretty common

Kurt said...

I had forgotten about Inchworm. I can remember the song in the ad now. Thanks?

Ed said...

Kurt - There's an old ear worm!

Anne said...

I'm always tempted by the newfangled spirograph sets at the book store. I got one just like that for Christmas in 6th grade

Anonymous said...

Very cool collection, but you left out the Slinky. If you played with it correctly, it would turn into a puzzle to untangle it.

Then the building codes changed for stair risers & runs, and Slinky died a quiet death.

Anonymous said...

P.S. It's "ViewMaster."

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