Friday, January 17, 2014

That Thundering, Deafening Sound

Nosy Neighbor One:  "What's that hideous thundering sound?"

Nosy Neighbor Two:  "Teenage Screamo Band in a Garage?"
Nosy Neighbor Two:  "The apocalypse?"

Nosy Neighbor One:  "'s just Fred wheeling out the garbage can"

And that's exactly it, isn't it?  Today's modern garbage cans have been designed to be the noisiest contraptions on the planet.  So what if they added wheels so you could roll it to the curb?  You'll go deaf in doing so.

Honestly, they should just affix one of those to each prisoner.  They'd never escape far.  Two miles away you'd hear them.



ReformingGeek said...

And the garbage trucks that roll thru at 7:00 am are even louder!

Ed said...

reforming geek - I don't have to experience that fortunately. Mine is so slow they don't get there until 3pm...which is right about the time they can get extra points for running over school children...

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