Friday, February 28, 2014

Things Old People Don't Do

It occurred to me the other day that I don't see any older skateboarders.  You know, 40 to 60 year old people out there on skateboards grinding up the local skatepark or cruising down some mountain hill.

Why is that?  Oh sure, you'll say it's just a kid's pursuit.  Like Legos.  But look at all these grown men that play with Legos?

You have to have a lot of Legos to make this (and money)
Or perhaps "you'll break a hip"!  Trust me, people in their 40s to 60s don't think they'll be breaking hips yet.  It's only those in their 20s that think people of that age will break a hip.  And sure, you might do that but it doesn't prevent that age sector from doing all kinds of other risky or youth-oriented pursuits.  They still surf.  They still snow board.  Have you ever caught the front edge of a snowboard?  I have.  It was not a soft landing!

Adults still watch cartoons.  They still eat sugar cereals (they just don't admit it).  They still sneak candy.  They still get fast food.

I was quickly trying to think what else I don't really see older adults doing that kids do.  They're out at the roller rinks and ice rinks.  They're at the arcade places.  They hang out at the malls (probably not in the same way, but still).  Many still live with their parents (although it might be that their parents live with them now).

Then it occurred to me.

That's right.  Icee's.  Adults don't buy Icee's (unless they have to share with their kids).  They'll buy every kind of soda known to man, they'll sneak the fruit drinks when there isn't anything else, they'll get a snow cone at the fair, but I never see them buy an Icee.

So...what else can you think of that they don't do anymore...the gnomes want to know!


I Am Woody said...

My Dad learned to wakeboard last summer - at age 77. Though he does claim to be the world's first 19yo grandfather. Haha!

ReformingGeek said...

Haha! Drive all night? I would fall asleep....or break my hip. ;)

I love the Legos photo.

Ed said...

i am woody - he doesn't skateboard though...

reforminggeek - Yeah, good one. I used to do that in my 20s...

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