Tuesday, April 01, 2014

VE Goes back to 700 BC

VE:  I think I'm lost

Local:  You are a warlock and must be burned

VE:  Well, before you run off to gather an angry mob, I'm hungry, where is the grocery store?

Local:  Do not approach me, devil man

VE:  Food?

Local points all around

VE:  Oh, wait, I get it.  The meat section is in the forest.  The vegetable section is in the field.  Frozen food is over on that glacier.  Fruits are at the orchard.  Got it, thanks.

VE thinking:  Man, grocery shopping was tough...no wonder it took so long to evolve!  I don't think I'll need my can opener....


Serena said...

Nothing microwaveable? Oh, man, I would be so screwed in 700 B.C. I think I'd probably starve if I had to rely on the, er, grocery store of the era.:)

Ed said...

serena - Yeah, I'd be dead as soon as I discovered there were no Pepsi or pizza...

bambeaxi said...

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