Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apparently Washington is more "Evergreen" than you thought

Well with Washington state legalizing marijuana, I'd say they are really living up to their state motto...

I just happen to live right across the border in Oregon.  I'm sure if Portland had their way, Oregon would be right behind them.  Nobody works in Portland anyway so what's the issue?

I know Colorado has it legalized too but their already so high what does it really matter?   Besides, how much can you really grow in an environment lacking in oxygen and changing from sunny and 70 to snowing in a matter of a few minutes.

But back to Washington.  We drove over there for a hike not long ago and as we crossed the toll bridge over the Columbia River (yes, we have a large river separating us so that most of the stoners will drown trying to cross and the rest will drive off the side of the bridge trying to get across).

Anyway, as we passed into Washington, I half expected somebody to be greeting us at the border, "Welcome to Washington, here's your doobie..."

Amazingly that didn't happen.  Nor did I find a state-wide shortage of Twinkies or Doritos. The mini-markets weren't standing-line only.  Are you sure pot is legal here?  I don't understand.

The typical chip and snack aisle at a Washington grocery store
But during a visit to the Seattle area for a 200 mile bike ride this summer, I definitely witnessed several cars filled with smoke.  One of them opened their door as I went by and you'd think they installed a fireplace as an option on the car what with the smoke that came billowing out.

That's either pot smoke or they purchased the wood stove option on the car

Now I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.  Frankly, the wifey-poo and I take walks in Portland nightly and there is so much pot smell coming from one particular corner nightly that we think they're burning it as incense!  


The Guy said...

I remember hearing about Colorado making this significant move, I didn't realise Washington had too.

For me, a person who is certainly not pro recreational drugs I'd like to know if this will eventually drive down the level of drug related crime. I fear that sort of crime is more of the hard stuff so unlikely.

Ed said...

The Guy - Really all it is going to do is probably increase the number of accidents as a result of people using it irresponsibly. Similar to alcohol but not on the same scale. I'm sure there are some personalities it will cause them to venture into other harder drugs but I would guess they'd get their anyway. There is a another percentage where it doesn't do much to them at all and you'd never even know they smoke it. It'll be interesting to see if we even notice a difference...