Monday, December 29, 2014

2015...where work is for the weak

Ah...2015...just like 2007 but without all my readers.  Actually, its more like 2006 when I started this blog and didn't have any readers.

Of course, that's not true either.  Well, it's true I had almost no readers in 2006 but these days I average more reads on my posts than ever, it's just that people are hitting my older posts via Google.  I guess if you hang on long enough, that's what happens.  You become a search database.

Let's see, not much happened to VE in 2014...

Oh, wait, my son moved out leaving us empty-nesters.
Oh, and we sold our 3200sf house
Oh, and we sold practically everything we own and moved into a  984sf apartment
Oh, and we quit our jobs
Oh, and we sold our cars
Oh, and we got a residence Visa to live in the South of Spain
Oh, and we leave Jan 19, 2015!

No phones, no furniture, nothing but my two bikes, a computer, some personal papers and two suitcases!

Just like College...without the massive debt in tuition loans...

So I bid USA farewell.  I bid the 284 days of rain in Portland farewell and say hello to the 320 days of sunshine in the South of Spain.  We'll be living in the town of Almunecar.  Don't worry, you've never been there.  You have to zoom on Google maps at least three or four times to find it.  It's directly South from Granada.  Go until you hit the water!  It doesn't have daytime highs below 54 even in the dead of winter.  Most of the time it is 70-90.  It isn't too humid.  Think Southern California minus the overcrowding, smog, crime, high costs and Mexican food...

Here are some teaser pictures of the town we will be living in:
This is our beach.  Well...not ours personally but within a 2 minute walk...
Here's the town, we don't live in it but every town should have a castle!
This is a walkway along the beach so we don't even have to walk on the beach if we don't want to...goes for miles!
We will be living in the "old town".  Since the town is 2800 years old, that is very old!
The avenues in the old town are so narrow only donkeys would fit, no cars.  No, we won't be purchasing a donkey though.  We can walk.

And so, 2015 will be the year VE goes global, speaks Spanish and generally focuses on all things not work related.  Because work is for the weak (okay, so some of you need a roof over your head and food and ridiculous stuff like that...I get it)


ReformingGeek said...

Wait. Is this an April Fool's post?

If not, wowie. Good for you and the best of luck in your new home!!

Subby said... you'll be an "ex-pat" :P You've been watching too much "House Hunters International", haven't you? *hee, hee*

Megan said...

I am so excited for you guys!

Ed said...

reforminggeek - Wait, is it April? Retirement has a way making you lose track of the days/months/years. Nope, I will be dishing out ridiculousness from overseas...if the gnomes make it through customs, of course...

subby - I have! It's so just fly over somewhere, look at three properties and decide. Done! Yeah...right...

megan - Thanks! It's been a long time since you commented here!

Serena said...

Seriously? You're moving to Spain?! I know I've been away from blogging for a long time - "stuff" -- but ... wow! I hope there will be posts from your new digs. Congrats!

monica said...

How cool is that !! We in Europe welcome you !!
Great adventure !

Ed said...

serena - You have been away. But it's not like I'm doing much regularly though. Yes, we have now been in Spain over two weeks. Just waiting for my computer along with my bikes and some clothes, etc. Everything...sold. We started anew here. Have a place now and are slowly furnishing it.

monica - Guess I can't make fun of Europe anymore. Not that I ever really did...I've always loved it.

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