Monday, April 06, 2015

More things you didn't know about

Most Monty Python fans know about Eric the half a Bee but very, very few know about Molly the half a cat...


I Am Woody said...

I hear 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' accompanying that photo! Do they have any other awesome half animals in Spain?

Ed said...

I am Woody - Ha...good one. Other half animals here in Spain? You don't know the half of it!!!

Subby said...

Molly the half cat also made an appearance in an old Judy Bolton book, except the cat was un-named...and a black one (this was from a nightmare scene in the book).

Now I wonder if the good people of Spain half to shop at Half-Mart for half-priced pet food?

Ed said...

subby - Ha...seems like most of the stores here are in that they have half the selection!

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