Sunday, August 14, 2016

VE returns and weighs in on an important topic

Oh yes, VE is still around and watching...

Of course, with posting I've been subscribing to the motto "less is more". Why?  Because I'm trying to break The Dude's record as the laziest man in Los Angeles county.  Well, technically I don't live in Los Angeles county but I don't believe I saw that in the record breaking rules.  Lots of ins, lots of out, lots of what-have-yous with record breaking...

Sure, I could appear in the blog sphere with witty things about the whole Trump/Clinton Presidential debacle.

Sure, I could have some fun with juicy subjects like gun control or ISIS or something but here's what I really want to know:

Why do washing machines count down the time they have left to run in some sort of washing machine increment rather than minutes?

Hey...this is IMPORTANT!  Sheesh...


Subby said...

HI, V.E.!

1st, you'll never be as lazy as the Dude. Only my brother comes close to that (or is that one of my co-workers?) HA!

2nd, Trump & Clinton have enough problems as it is but, I'm always open to more verbal abuse toward them, hee, hee!

3rd, washing machines run on a Quantum-based time cycle. It's rather complicated. Pohl or Silverberg could probably explain it better than I can!

4th, so, how's livin' life in Spain been treating you & Wifey-poo?

ReformingGeek said...

Now VE, you should know that asking why appliances do the weird things they do is like asking a cat to explain himself or asking Mother Nature how she decides where lightning will strike.


Ed said...

Subby - Glad to see a few are still around checking in on my blog. Apparently my blog posting cadence runs on geological time. Good times in Spain still. Last time I wore something besides my sandals WA mid March...

reforming geek - Maybe have cats run the washing machine!

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