Thursday, January 26, 2017

La La La La Land

You know, it's almost Academy Award time again and yes, VE watches every minute of the self-congratulatory mayhem with popcorn in hand!

It also means I'm in full movie watching mode too.  It's not easy getting ready for the Academy Awards.  You have to get yourself through the roller coaster of nominated movies; many of which and not exactly happy-joy-feel good ones.

Of course first up was La La Land and I actually watched this legally in a movie theater right in our little town here in Spain.  For essentially $5.50, you get to watch some first run movies here.  It's very interesting because they just show the movie.  No snacks, no previews, no ads.  Just the movie.  When I was in Thailand back in November, we caught a movie in the theater and they showed ads, then USA previews, then ads, then a remembrance for their passing king, then ads, then Thai previews, then more ads and finally the movie.  I kid you not, there were probably 25 ads to sit through to see the movie.  But I digress... 

Sometimes at our theater here in Spain, they forget to turn the sound on and have to rewind and start it over again.  It's very 1970s amusing...back when they actually had movie staff in the booth overseeing the projection, not some automated machine that if it does go wrong you have to actually get up out of your seat, hike the mile to the snack lobby to tell some pimple headed teenager that the movie in theater 27 has no sound because he is the only employee you can visibly see other than the ticket Nazi up front.  By the time they get somebody who knows anything in there to reset the system, enough time has gone by that they can't show it anyway as it would disrupt all the subsequent showings scheduled so they just give you a free voucher to come in another time.  But I digress...

I could tell you what I thought about La La Land, but then I'd need to announce a "SPOILER ALERT" here.  No, spoiler alerts aren't like Amber Alerts.  You don't need to be on the lookout for over-dramatic plots or stomach churning special effects realism.  In fact, spoiler alerts should be about the three week old potato salad hidden in the back of the lowest refrigerator shelf that you won't see until you are desperately hungry and learn the hard way why people actually check their shelves periodically.

You also have to pace yourself for the Academy Awards.  In these days of binge watching Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, movies up for Academy Awards should not be binge watched back to back or you'll end up going to sleep and dreaming of Natalie Portman pulling a wounded soldier from Hacksaw Ridge only to leave him with an octopus looking alien living in the mountains in the Pacific Northwest where they are home schooling their little aliens and scheming to rob Texas banks so they can drill for oil and get rich.  Trust me, mashing up the slew of this years movies doesn't leave one with a good night's sleep.

So if you are wondering where VE is, he is probably suffering through "Jackie" or "Loving" or "Silence" or "Moonlight" or any one of the half dozen unhappy movies plying for awards because they are so moving.  Fortunately I can see the Big Lebowski for the 257th time and cleanse my movie watching palate in between these.  It's like eating chocolate chip cookies in between eating your vegetables.  Sure, the vegetables are meaningful and good for you and every once in a while they might even be enjoyable but the cookies you can never get enough of.


Kurt said...

La La Land was the saddest movie of the year. Natalie Portman was better in Thor. I liked Everybody Wants Some!!, but it was released too early in the year to get an Oscar.

Ed Welter, the crayon historian said...

Kurt - I totally agree; I thought La La Land was sad. As for Natalie Portman, never bought her as Jackie in the movie. I liked her better in "V for Vendetta"...well, mostly because I love that movie. As for's like watching paint dry for me. But Hell or High Water or Nocturnal Animals? Twisted disturbing fun...

Bunk Strutts said...

It's been almost a year now. Isn't it time you came back from vacation?

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